Total Weight Loss

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday Weigh In

As of today, from my beginning weight in March 2009, I have lost 42.8 lbs and 11 inches.  From last week to this week 2.6 lbs.  Until I looked back at last week's number, I would have said the loss was zero.  I have been battling the same pound it seems all week.  I was relieved to see that I really am making progress.  

I was beginning to get discouraged by the perception that I was stalling too early.  I'm not quite three weeks in to this and thought I should still be in that golden era where the weight magically melts away.  So, I looked back at all of the data, I've kept for the past five years.  Guess what?  I am right on target.

This sort of yo-yo has happened every time.  Whew!  While, I don't like it.  Knowing that this is my pattern makes it easier to stick to my plan.  I can ride this out and come out smaller on the other side.


  1. 2.6 in a week is awesome! Yanno, some people are what they call "weight loss turtles," but remember that the turtle won the long-term race while the hare sprinted but lost the overall race. :)

  2. Great news. Glad to hear it's happening for you - all down to your efforts too, so a pat on the back is in order.