Total Weight Loss

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday Weigh In and Other Ramblings

For the week, I have lost 3.4 lbs bringing my total weight loss to 46.2 lbs!  I'm even more excited about the measurements.  I have lost 5 inches since the first of the year, and 2 of those are from my belly button area.  That has long since been my nemesis!

That area between my waist and the top of my legs looks like I'm carrying around an inner tube. Or that I've been pushed down from my head and up from my feet and all the fat squished out there.  I am so glad to look in the mirror and see an actual figure return.

I will always be a curvy woman and I am fine with that.  I like a defined bust, waist and hip.  I am happy that my genes gave me that sort of figure.  I won't fight that for a second.  Still, I want my figure to be the best it can be.  I am headed in that direction.

And in other news...
I am off the hcg injections.  I ran out of those on Friday.  I have some of the oral drops left, which I am using now.  I think they will last two or three weeks.  My body does not respond quite as well to those, so I'm preparing myself mentally for a slow down in the weight loss. 

After the drops, the protocol is to do 21 days of low carb.  It is Atkins style in that all carbs, including fruit are severely limited.  It is South Beach style in that, eating a whole pound of bacon is not a good idea!  Still, lots of lean protein is encouraged.

I was thinking when I started the injections early this month, that I'd have an indulgence day on Valentine's Day.  Now, I'm thinking that I won't do that.  Even planned indulgences, that are guilt free, can make it hard for me to get back on track.  

I'm going right in to the 21 day low carb and then most likely in to Trim Healthy Mama.  Although, I'm not entirely sure.  Does anyone know anything about the one, one, one diet?  A friend in real life is doing it and says it is really working for her.  That is an option at this time, while I research it further.  I have all of the stuff for THM and it makes sense to me, so I'd really have to be sold on the one, one, one plan to make the move.

Also, sleep is much better.  Maybe too good!  I slept until nearly 8:00 am today.  In my defense, I had a hard time falling asleep last night.  I think I got the same number of hours just pushed back a bit.  I think I'll start taking that pill an hour before bedtime and see how that works.  It feels so good to go to bed and sleep all night again.  I have gotten up a time or two to go to the bathroom, but I fall right back asleep.  It is amazing how much better I feel during the day.

Finally, I see the surgeon this afternoon.  I'm expecting him to release me.  I'll report on that tomorrow.


  1. Best of luck at the surgeon! Never heard of the one, one, one plan. Now I have something new to google! LOL Congrats on your loss, especially those pesky inches!!!

  2. WONDERFUL! so glad you're feelin and doin well! and I think you're right about valentines the best gift to you is to do what you need to for you! one day is not worth a slow down stall when you're doin so well and it'll make you feel blah anyway. I say celebrate with a low card dinner/feast mayhaps shrimp/lobster or such and we all know "romance" burns calories and is fun too! ~giggle~

  3. Great news! Congratulations. So excited for you.