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Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Break

Last week was a wild and wonderful spring break.  65MD and I decided to rip up the carpet in our bedroom and redo the original hardwood underneath.  It was, as most of these things go, much harder than anticipated.  Our house is around 85 years old.  Let's just say some unexpected things were found and the project is not finished, although 65MD is back teaching today.

Right now, we are still enjoying the adventure of it.    We are sleeping in the spare bedroom, which is comfortable, so we don't have to stress about it.  We are one of those unusual couples that work well together.  We didn't date like typical couples, we got to know each other redoing my kitchen.  Of course, with this project, 65MD had to do most of the hands and knees part in the floor.  I'm still not quite up to that.  Instead, I got color swatches for the new comforter, curtains, etc.  It is going to be gorgeous!!

As far as eating is concerned, I think I stuck mostly to the No S philosophy if not to the letter.  One of the S's to avoid is snacking.  Since we ate as we got hungry and the work allowed, we really didn't keep to a strict time schedule, and some of our meals were more like quick snacks.  Still, there was no all day grazing, which I think is what the plan is trying to avoid.

We made a quick out of town trip one night to celebrate a birthday in his family.  I was excited to eat birthday cake guilt free.  I was served a normal size piece, and couldn't eat it.  I took one bite and knew it was a box mix with canned frosting.  Gross!  At least it was gross to me.  I was so disappointed.  I took a few more bites trying to like it and then came to my senses and stopped.

Let me quickly add that I ate every bit of the ice cream that was served with the cake!  There was something freeing about knowing that it was totally on plan to eat or not eat the cake and ice cream.  I did not feel like I needed to make the most of my 'cheat day' and eat up.  I just carried on with life.

All of this together time gave 65MD and me time to discuss any number of subjects in a more in depth manner than usual.  Of course, one topic of discussion was diet and weight loss.  The main thing 65MD stressed and has always stressed is that it is fine with him if I never lose an ounce of weight.  He is supportive of my efforts because he wants me to feel good about myself.

As we discussed the No S plan, it seemed too good to be true.  At the same time, if it does work, it will fit almost seamlessly into our lifestyle.  We plan to stay with it, but with a twist.  We really believe that food we make at home is the healthiest.  

For example, we agreed to start making our own bread.  It won't be sprouted grain just yet.  We'll work up to that.  At least we won't be eating a lot of preservatives and we'll use whole wheat flour starting out.  Soon, we'll have our little backyard garden and it will give us some fresh vegetables.  (We planted lettuce last week.)  I have some yummy salad dressing recipes that we both like.  Even if we decide to eat a sweet treat on and S day, we'll make that too.

I'm excited about our plan, and I hope on Wednesday to have a good loss to share.


  1. Yay for a good week off! Randy says he has noticed my weight loss. He also says there is a direct correlation between my weight loss and our decline in eating out. Quick drive thrus don't produce small waist lines. I've also absolved myself of having to make big meals every day. If left to my own device, I wouldn't eat big meals. So I quit making them all the time for my family. No one is complaining.

    I totally understand the cake thing. If I'm going to consume those kind of calories, I want them to be delectable. Not average.

    Good luck on getting the room finished!


  2. Don't ever let me make you cake because it WILL be from a box! LOL I love store-bought cakes with the rich, buttercream icing, though, so I totally get your disappointment. :) Good job on not eating something you weren't thrilled with. I have been better about that lately, too. Original hardwood is under our carpets, too. I have asked hubby if we could take up the old carpet. He is too scared to because he promises me we don't know what we might find!!! ha

  3. wonderful I LOVE hearing about your journey.