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Monday, April 27, 2015

Bedroom Activity

I wonder if that title will get me a lot of hits!!

This weekend we moved back into the front bedroom so that we could dismantle our bedroom.  We decided to bring the new mattress to the front bedroom with us.  It is a queen sized mattress and the bed is a double, so we had to move the frame too.  Let's just say it was an ordeal and leave it there.  It was worth it though.  We sleep much better on the new mattress.

Now the carpeted area in the bedroom is almost empty and ready for action!
65MD thinks it will take about 3 days to get the carpet up and tile in place and grouted.  There has to be a certain amount of curing time, which will work out fine since he's still giving exams and calculating grades.

The great divide
This is where the original hardwood ends and the 'new' construction begins.  We haven't quite settled on what sort of threshold to put in.  It can't be seen in the pictures, but the hardwood is not level all the way across.  Something will have to be done to camouflage that.

The bedroom tile

As often happens in home improvement projects, we decided to upgrade the bathroom as well.  It is right off the bedroom and really needs a redo.  It won't match at all.  We both already know that the hallway will be next.  This could be the summer of the house redecorating!

Bathroom tile

And just for fun here is a shot of the art I was given and proudly took home.  It looks great in the living room.  (Which is a good thing, or else, I'd have 65MD in there painting!)