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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Wacky Wednesday!

Before I get into the wackiness that was Wednesday,  I want to announce that by popular demand* I am changing this blog to more of a Life of Lori blog with weight loss thrown in.  I feel like I am at the end of the road with blogging about losing weight.  After all there are just so many ways I can say “I blew it again, and I’m still fat.”  I am still trying to lose weight and will share my trials and successes here, it just won’t be the main focus of the blog.
*meaning me and one other person that emailed and said it was a good idea.

Now back to Wednesday – I got up at 5:45 AM.  That is considered morning by some people, but not me.  It is still dark outside, so I say it is night.  Night is time for sleep, yet, I got up.  I was out of bed until about 7:00 AM and my need for being up was settled so I went back to bed.  I got up again around 10:00 AM. ( It was pouring rain so it still seemed like sleeping time to me!!!) All this to say, I forgot to weigh.  In all my years of blogging and well before that, I don’t recall ever forgetting to weigh!  I weigh everyday that I am home, sometimes more than once a day, but that is another topic for another day.  On Wednesday, I simply forgot.  I weighed in the afternoon, but it was high and I don’t know a good factor to subtract.  So, I don’t have anything to report.

I am sure that many of my alert readers are wondering why I am just now blogging about Wednesday, after all, it is now Saturday.  That is the next odd thing that happened.  Mid afternoon on Wednesday, the modem decided that it no longer wanted to work full time.  It gave a click reminiscent hanging up one  of those old phones we once had in our houses and stopped working.  I jiggled wires, unplugged, replugged, rebooted and everything else I could think of to no avail.  I finally called 65MD and he.came.home!  I didn’t quite feel as though it was an emergency.  I was just calling to let him know that I would be out of touch, since at the time we were emailing about some vital topic like what to eat for supper.  I was also texting and IMing with various other folks.  I had to call them and tell them what was going on.  Everyone was super sympathetic.  I did feel sort of out of touch.  What if someone needed me????

Once 65MD came home, he pronounced it dead and set about to obtain a new one.  Only we didn’t know how because we couldn’t look anything up on the Internet.  Finally, he decided to call a nearby store that sold them, except we didn’t know the phone number.  We searched the house for a phone book but couldn’t find one. Finally we called 411!  We thought we were old school until we actually had to be.  65MD called the store.  The clerk said they had modems but they didn’t work in our particular set up.  Then we had the bright idea to call the number on the modem itself.  Much to our surprise we got connected to a service rep right away that was really on the ball.  She heard the clicking noise still occasionally emitted by the modem and knew the problem immediately.  She said she would ship us a new one overnight at no charge, only we had missed getting one shipped out on Wednesday.  It would be shipped first thing on Thursday and we would be back in business on Friday.

It was a strange feeling.  I didn’t realize how many times I checked my iPod to see the weather forecast.  Was it going to rain at 6:00?  I wanted to grill something for supper.  Now, how would I make a decision? How were my baby nieces?  I couldn’t just text their mother and see.   I decided to take some measures to see how much fabric I would need for a new comforter, bedskirt & pillow shams.  But, I couldn’t just google the dimensions of a queen size mattress.    I had to actually measure.  It was disorienting.

Finally, I decided to broil our meat for supper.  It was too risky to try grilling without an up to the minute forecast.  After all, those clouds did look heavy.  I wasn’t sure when it would start raining, or how long it would rain.  Just as the meal was done, just as I had taken the meat from the oven and 65MD had walked into the kitchen, it appeared that there was lightening in the oven.  I had put the hot pan down and reached to turn off the stove when I noticed it.  65MD saw it at the same time and jumped in front of me to turn the oven off himself.  (I don’t know if I was too slow or if he thought he was saving my life!)  The element in the oven burned out.  Sigh!  My stove has two ovens and the lower one burned out some time ago.  65MD had all of that information on his computer so he could quickly order a replacement one should the same thing happen to the upper oven.  Of course, he could quickly order one – on Friday!

I decided to read a book! 


  1. LOL! You made me laugh!

    You sound like Alexander and his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

    With a little, Scarlett, after all tomorrow is another day!


  2. LOL How brave and romantical of him. I am laughing. I *hate* days/weeks/month/years like that. Haha Having my modem out probably would've been enough to stress me enough to eat out. ;) I'm glad you are back!!!!

  3. Sorry to giggle at your internet-less woes! I would sooooo. Be the same way. I am totally reliant on my technology!!!!