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Monday, April 6, 2015

The Easter that Wasn't - Yet

Our two year old had a virus and was running a fever over the weekend, so we postponed our family celebration until next week.  Fingers crossed that everyone stays healthy.  The poor child has been sick more than she's been healthy since Christmas.

 We didn't decide to postpone things until Saturday afternoon since the two year old's daddy came down with a fever as well.   I had already began prep work for the family gathering, by stuffing plastic eggs with candy and starting some general house cleaning.  I had purchased the food for our meal as well. Everything, including the candy will keep.  And it never hurts to have dusted, right!?!

There was some candy that didn't make it in to the eggs, so I put it in a lovely dish on the table as decoration.  I thought I'd have some on Sunday.  Since it is OK to have sugar on S days and this was going to be a double S day - Sunday and special.

Once we decided to postpone things, I somehow could no longer wait for the candy (mostly kisses and Reese's miniatures.)  I started grabbing a kiss or two as I went through the room.  65MD did too, except he was burning major calories on the floor work!  (which is in the home stretch of completion!!) Technically, it was still not cheating since it was Saturday.

Still, it was way too much candy for any situation, special or not.  Even discounting what my husband ate, far too much of the candy disappeared!  My weight followed suit accordingly.  I'm hoping that, I'll be able to report a loss on Wednesday, but I'm not sure right now.  Grrr!!

In other news, the steroid injection finally kicked in, I think!  Yesterday, I was able to move with little or no pain probably 85% of the time.  I'm hoping that I will continue to improve and suddenly realize I'm in no pain at all one day! 


  1. Oh no! I hope she feels better for next week's celebration!

  2. Weekends do me in every time. Sheesh! Hope all are well for the delayed Easter!

  3. These holidays and their "special" candies get me every time IF they're around! Too bad your guests didn't get to come and help eat it up! Crazy how all holidays focus on a food or dessert of some kind, isn't it? Glad your injection is now working! :)