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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Where Do I Begin?

I'll start by saying not to expect much.  Not many posts, and not a lot of quality!  Between, job changes (for the better). redoing the floor (almost done & finally sleeping in our bed again), and family fun, blogging is just falling further and further down the list of priorities.

Good health and weight loss have not slipped in importance.  There just isn't a lot to say right now.  Weight loss is slow on the No S plan by design.  And, I've yet to have a week where I've been 100% on plan, making things even slower.

Many of my weight loss blog buddies have changed the focus of their blogs from mostly weight loss to more like an online diary with weight loss as only one element of life.  I think that is good.  Weigh loss/eating plans and the like are really only one part of life.  I may follow suit however, I'm not sure my life is that interesting!

I have a great life.  I have a husband that loves me and we enjoy life together.  I am blessed to call my sisters, my friends.  In fact, my whole family just gets along.  That is so much more than most people have.  (I read recently that if you think your family doesn't have the crazy relative you're it.  If that is so, I'm the crazy one.  I'm OK with that!) Other than my hips, my health is excellent.  (Another thing I can thank my family for - good genes.)  65MD and I pay our bills every month and save enough to have a nice vacation fund.  It is all good, but maybe a little boring.  That's fine with me.  I'll take boring and happy any day of the week!!

I'm going to weigh in tomorrow, but not sure if I'll be able to post tomorrow.  If not, I'll be back on Thursday.  

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  1. I got so tired of blogging about "new diet" FAIL, "new diet" FAIL. Lol Not sure my life is too interesting either, but hey - it's a good life! Blog when you can, and I betcha all your faithful ones will read. :)