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Friday, April 24, 2015

My Week

I can't believe another week has flown by.  I'm still trying to figure out how to work my schedule with just a few hours changed in the middle of the week.  It hasn't happened yet.  Of course this week, I had to take my mother to two doctor appointments.  She won't drive herself to one because requires patients park in a parking garage and she got stuck in one once and vowed never to drive in one again.  The other is her eye appointment.  She can't see to drive home after getting shots.  So that blew two more days.

Wednesday was the last day of class for the semester, and 65MD isn't teaching this summer so after graduation the end of next week, he'll be home more.  He is supposed to be concentrating on his administrative roll this summer so he will be working, but he can work remotely more easily.  I have a feeling that will mess me up again. It will be a good kind of adjustment to make though.

Finally, the bedroom is still in a state of being updated.  Since we are real DIYers, it takes a long time.  Somehow, the bedroom being in a state of flux wrecks the rest of the house.  I've just about given up on doing anything except the most minimal of cleaning.  I know that cleaning will be a huge project when the bedroom is finished, so I'm not letting things go completely.

As is typical when I'm away from the blog, I still think of posts.  I have thought of a lot of food related posts like the evils of artificial sweeteners vs the evils of sugar and should I get a diet cherry limeade at Sonic or a regular cherry limeade.  Which will kill me faster?  Now that it is warmer, I am ready for one of my all time favorites - Icees!!  Since, I'm trying to move away from food related issues in this blog, I'll leave the discussion there.

I would really like to share all of the adorable things my baby nieces do.  I'm sure all of my readers would enjoy reading about them.  But I'm not going to turn into THAT blogger, besides the fact that my nephew and his wife are Internet shy when it comes to their children.  I will honor that.

So for now, I'll share a little about the bedroom redo.  To me, that is the biggest part of my life that I think will be of interest to my readers.  Here are a few pics:
after one sanding

after multiple sandings

before sanding - in the upper left corner you can see where the hardwood ends and the carpet begins
Only about a third of the floor is hardwood, which is original to the house.  The rest is carpet over subfloor because it was added later.  We thought we would recarpet but while we were carpet shopping we discovered some tile that we both really liked.  We agreed right way to tile and put a rug under the bed.  It will look great!  I am planning to make a braided rug from the same fabrics I'm using in the room for the curtains & comforter.  

It will be a huge project for me to make all of that stuff!   It will be a huger project for 65MD to lay all of that tile, or more specifically get the room ready to tile.  (Read move everything out!)  We just shoved the part on the hardwood to the other part of the room for that.  There is no way we can reverse that for the tiling.  There just isn't enough room.

That's where we stand now in the project.  We're going this afternoon to get the tile.  I'll post pictures of it and the swatches next.  (I'm not sure when "next" will be though!)


  1. Wow! Making progress. Can't wait to see the "after".

    I LOvE icees. LOVE! I compromise by going to QT and getting a kid size frozen coke about 1x/month. Hopefully, that won't kill me. They have loads of flavor a but I'm a purist and go for the cola flavor.


  2. I can't wait for the "after" too, but it may be a very long time.

    Last summer a gas station on my normal route had Icees for $0.99, all sizes.Of course, I got the large to maximize my value! I've never seen a diet Icee so I try to limit myself too. I get cola & cherry mixed. Love it!

  3. You get all my sympaties. I'm also a DIYers because I don't like people doing my stuff, 2 years ago we did a lot of renovations. Changing floor in the kitchen was one of those change. We use some look-like tile but was more a floating floor, it looked great and was less messy than the cement of tiles. Good luck :)

  4. You ladies have done nothing but make me want an Icee. Ha!

    Love seeing the project pics! :)

  5. awesome, it's gonna be beautiful!