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Friday, June 26, 2015

Burn, Baby Burn!

The other afternoon when my nephew and his family came over, when we made pizza and my niece did such a good job, the pizza burned.

I had set the timer and it was only about half way through the baking time, but the crust was black on the bottom.  It was thick enough for us to peel of the black part and eat it.  It was still quite good.  My mother ate the black part because she insisted that she liked burned stuff.  LOL!!

At that time, it seemed odd to me that the pizza burned, but I didn't think much about it.  A few days later, I burned something else.  I decided that there must be a problem with the oven.  65MD wasn't convinced until this morning, when this happened:

Black on the bottom and not even brown on the top, is not the result we were wanting.  We spent the entire morning trying to recalibrate the oven temp.  It was easy enough to actually do.  The problem was deciding how much to reduce the temp.    

I won't go in to a lot of detail but we put the meat thermometer in the oven to gauge the temp and the oven temperature was so high it wouldn't register on the meat thermometer.  We lowered the oven temp and tried again.  Of course that took a while because the oven had to cool.  Then 65MD decided that the meat thermometer was off, so we boiled water and put it in to see.  It was right.   After a few more tests in both ovens. we reduced the big oven by 25 degrees.

Here's the best part. 65MD thinks HE should bake something to make sure the oven is OK.  I'm choosing to believe that it is because what I make is too good to be ruined rather than him thinking I don't have the smarts to figure it out!!

Needless to say, this has delayed the floor project yet again.  65MD took the day off to work on the floor not the oven.  

It is always fun here in Lori-Land!


  1. Dear 65MD,

    Your wife has been baking her whole life, practically. She knows how to use an oven. Your oven is messed up!

    Thank you.

    1. Just for the record, nothing has been baked.

  2. At least you 'think' it's fixed...pending 65MD's personalized test. :-)