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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Walking in Philly

65MD's conference was at the convention center near the historic part of town - the Liberty Bell, Constitution Hall, Betsy Ross House, etc.  All within about a mile from our hotel.  Just about two blocks was a place called Terminal Market.  It was like a giant food court with a few novelty shops thrown in.

As we planned our trip, we thought I would be able to stroll around the market area while 65MD was attending the conference and explore the tourist areas in the evenings.  We were wrong.  The market was crowded and after I looked in the two or three non food areas, I was ready to get out of there.  And the tourist areas closed at 6:00.  65MD hardly got back to our room before 6:00.  Suffice to say not much of our trip went as planned.

I took my cane because I hadn't really challenged myself much on endurance or distance.  At the airport here, I was treated with much deference.  People offered to get up and give me their seats.  I was automatically given a pre-board pass for the plane.  It was unexpected but nice to know that people are aware and kind to folks with canes.  At least here...

In Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, I had my cane kicked out from under me so many times, I lost count.  I was shoved and pushed past so much that I quit going out alone for fear I'd fall.  (It was OK, I had work to do, which I can do virtually anywhere I have my laptop.)

One evening we decided to walk to a sandwich shop and get cheese-steaks.  We had both seen an advertisement for a meal at this place that was at a very good price.  The distance was farther than I'd walked before but I was up for the challenge.  We set out at a nice steady pace.  When we got to the building, I was at my limit.  I didn't think I could walk another step.  But, I felt confident that once we'd eaten and relaxed for a bit I could make it back to our hotel.

As we approached the door though, something didn't look right.  All of the signage was there, but the place had a barren look to it.  That was because it was closed.  Not as in closed for the night, but no longer in operation.  When we got close enough we could see that there was nothing at all inside! (We continued to have similar experiences throughout the trip, even with websites. We would look something up and the url didn't even exist!)

We were left with the decision of turning back and stopping at a place that looked good.  (My choice.) Or forge ahead to another cheese-steak place a few more blocks down the road.  (65MD's choice.)  We compromised.  I waited on a bench outside of the closed place while 65MD walked the few blocks to see just how far it was.  I need to add at this point, it was hard walking because the sidewalks were cracked and uneven.  Bumpy, sloped, and uneven surfaces are very hard on both hips right now.

65MD came back saying it was just about 3 blocks further, and since I had rested, I went on without complaint.  Once there we saw a group of 65MD's colleagues which was fun.  The food was quite good and the servings were generous.

After eating and enjoying some laughs with us, the colleagues decided it was time to get ice cream.  65MD and I opted out.  (I know, I can't believe it either!)  We decided to go back to our hotel.  I wanted to walk.  65MD wanted to get a cab.  This time I won.  It took a long time because about half way there, I was hurting so bad I was barely shuffling along.  (think Tim Conway on the Carol Burnett show) 

65MD kept renewing his offer for the cab, but I wouldn't hear of it.  I had decided I was going to walk if it took me the rest of the night.  I told 65MD he could go ahead of me, but of course, he wasn't going to leave me alone in that condition.  I don't really know how long it took.  Neither one of us noticed the time when we left.  When we got back to the room, all I wanted to do was lay on the bed.  (if our room had a tub, I might have wanted a hot soak) 65MD looked up how far we had walked.  Round trip it was 2.2 miles.

Right then, I decided I needed a new plan for getting in shape.  I am too young to be crippled by a two mile walk.  It is hot outside right now, but that is no excuse.  I have started a walking plan.  Sadly, right now, the plan is walking up and down my driveway.  It is concrete and so it is smooth.  I am going to do that until I am able to do it easily.  Then, I'll move on to walking to the end of the street, then down another block, etc.

I'm also going to get serious about going to a pool.  I didn't do much research after our beach trip since this one was on the horizon.  We don't have any more trips planned, so I have no more excuses.  Time to get in shape!


  1. Boo! I'm sorry that your trip wasn't as planned! I'm planning on doing my half marathon there in October. Hopefully I'll have a better experience!

    The trip was a victory though. Huge victory! It has spurred you into the walking plan and you are bound and determined ...I could 'hear' it in your words!

    1. The trip wasn't a total bust. We managed to see some of the tourist sites during a bit of downtime at the conference.

      And thank you for reframing my experience as a victory! As long as I keep up my walking plan it will certainly be so.

  2. Sorry your experience was not good. I remember I was doing business at a university in philly. They wouldn't let me walk 1 block to my hotel alone. Said it was too dangerous. It was not close to any tourist sites, either. Sadly I didn't see much when I was there. So, I'm glad you got to see some sites. I hope your walking/swimming plan works well for you. Are you driving yet? Walking at the mall might be good during this heatwave.

    1. Jan,
      I'm driving. I have been offered pools by friends. One is in Green Hills and the other is in Whites Creek. It is good swimming weather, so I might try those options before buying in to a pool membership.

  3. Because of being prone to knee dislocations, I hate super crowded places! I need my space. No one can bump into me. I know exactly how hard that walk was, but in a different way. When I got out of the wheelchair in 2009, it was just about 4 weeks before my 10th wedding anniversary trip. We stayed in Chattanooga, TN and I was DETERMINED to walk from our hotel to the aquarium. Well, I did it. It was so, so slow and so, so hard. Even though I was hurting and aching and feeling pretty disabled still, I was elated to have done it! So I can relate to your stubbornness to refuse the cab. :) My husband kept offering to go get our van. I kept refusing. I think the small goals and adding to them is an awesome idea.