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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Health Updates

Since I've mentioned my own health issue along with my mother & husband, I thought I'd do a short update on each of us.

MOM - Fine.  Like nothing ever happened to her.  She has a shield to wear over her eye at night and can't drive or bend over until the next follow up on Tuesday.  Those are the only indications that something happened.

65MD - On the mend.  He's able to go to the office each day and do a few things around the house.  He is not ready to work on the floor though.

ME - Mostly good.  I think I've found a routine and medication regime that allow me to function most of the time with just minimal pain. I'm still thinking that I can delay surgery until January.

I'm leaving early Friday morning to go to see my youngest nephew play in his final little league game of the year.  My local sister is driving me and my mother.  I am looking forward to seeing this sweet boy 'play' ball.  He uses a wheelchair and is non-verbal.  I am told by his parents that he loves it.

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