Total Weight Loss

Monday, January 11, 2016

A New Day

Today was the first day, I did any sort of workout that was not therapy related since pre-surgery.  Not to diminish therapy, it is indeed a workout.  However, mentally for me, it means something like "old and unhealthy."  To be honest, it has been a real mental struggle lately.  I feel old and frumpy, but maybe not unhealthy. Maybe instead of unhealthy I feel unfit.  Enough of this mental analysis!

Today, I was excited to get back to the Wii!  I decided to start with Wii Fit.  I did my body test and was surprised to see I was down 0.9 lbs since the last time I'd been on the Wii.  I'll gladly take it!  I wanted to do something that actually felt like exercise so I did the beginner step aerobics.  I did fine, but after two times, I was feeling it and decided not to push it.  I didn't want anymore overdoing it episodes like the one described in my last post.

I decided to try a few of the balance games.  I was pleased to break a couple of my previous records.  It made me feel good.  Maybe these new hips will work out after all.  Lest I leave a misimpression, it was a mixed bag.  Some of the games, I didn't do so well on.  I 'fell' on my first ski jump.  It didn't bother me.  It takes a bit to get back into the rhythm of the Wii.  

After about 15 or 20 minutes though, I was really feeling it and decided that was enough of Wii Fit and moved on to Wii Sports.  I really wanted to get 45 minutes of work out done today.  Talk about getting out of shape.  I was beat by a lesser ranked tennis opponent.  So, I decided to play baseball.  My family got beat, but not stomped. I switched to bowling.  I did fine with that.  Of course, it is hard to lose at bowling!

All in all, it was, in my mind, a good first effort.  Tomorrow I am back to therapy.  I am on an indefinite every other day regimen.  Wednesday, I'll dabble in another workout.  I may drag out my Leslie Sansone and see how many miles I can get in.  For now, I'm just getting benchmarks.  I'll report back as to how that goes.


  1. Back in the saddle again! WOO HOOO! Start out slow and do what your body can handle and soon you will be back to where you were and be where you want to be!!!! Kudos for getting started!

  2. Yay for 2 new, wonderful hips! Yay for such wonderful medical advances. You are way too young to be handicapped by those old hips. So happy you are progressing. Can't wait to hear about those belly dancing escapades!

  3. Good on you!!!! I hope those new hips work wonderfully! I have a Wii - perhaps I'll dig it out..

  4. You really make me interested in the Wii. It sounds fun! Yay for any kind of "non-therapy" exercise. :)