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Friday, January 22, 2016

Winter Wonderland

We've got a lot of snow where I live.  There is at least 8 inches on the ground and more falling.  This could be the biggest snow of my life.  It was supposed to begin midday and the computer model was predicting 6" to 8" but the forecaster said to cut that in half or maybe 30%.  Oopsie.  I think he missed.

I went to the grocery store yesterday because it was time for my weekly trip.  I almost didn't go but decided not to be a baby and suck it up.  I have NEVER seen the grocery store like this.  There was no parking anywhere.  People were just making up spots in the driving area.  Others were tracking innocent shoppers as they walked from the store to their car.  (That happened to me and I figured the guy could have helped me load the bags.  He would have gotten a spot more quickly!)  The stockers were frantically restocking shelves and the check out lines stretched into the shopping area even though all the lanes were open.  I'm glad I went.  We could be housebound until Monday.  Of course, we would not have starved but we might have eaten some odd combinations of foods.  

It started snowing around 6:00 am. It is almost 3:00 pm as I type and it is still coming down.  It has not stopped, although it has gotten lighter at times.  Right now is it quite heavy.  And it is BEAUTIFUL.  I've never seen anything like it.  Everything is covered in a glistening white carpet.  It looks so pure and clean.  Even the ugly chicken house looks like an igloo.

65MD is funny in the snow.  It is as if it is he is in a survivalist competition.  It is him against the elements.  It became vital to him to clear the driveway and the cars - like we were going anywhere! In his defense one of the cars was under a tree that was bowing quite low under the load of snow.  It is the 'good' car so we really didn't want a branch to break off and fall on it.  He shoveled the whole driveway and moved the car out from under the tree.  The driveway is already covered in snow again.

I ventured out for a bit.  It was so peaceful.  No traffic and only a few people out.  I could hear the snow falling.  It was fun to see it pile up on my shoulders as I stood there and took in the beauty of it.
This is a windmill. 

See how deep the snow is on the tiny limbs!

Winter Wonderland.  (This was early in the day!)


  1. That is a crazy amount of snow. Beautiful for sure! But I will let you keep it. :-)

  2. Snow is so very pretty! (I'm done with snow now for this year though!!!!)

  3. It really WAS gorgeous!!! My kids loved playing in all of it! :) I passed by Kroger the day before the snow. Oh mercy! I was glad I didn't need to go in. Lol