Total Weight Loss

Friday, February 19, 2016

Calmer Now

Since my public temper tantrum, I've seen my surgeon and my precious niece.  Both made me feel better.  Nothing does my heart more good than to have that three year old running towards me at top speed screaming my name and hugging my knees.  Love that pure and innocent is indescribably fabulous.

My doctor made me feel better by giving me good news and letting me off the hook.  First, I am totally on track with healing.  The x-ray was perfect.  The healing is textbook.  When I mentioned the pain I was still feeling from time to time, he said that was likely from me pushing myself too hard and straining the tendons.  I explained my three day therapy and three day other workout he was fine with it until I actually tried to demonstrate.

He was unfamiliar with Leslie Sansone and her walking routines.  I shared that I thought I should be able to just walk.  H said that I was walking as I should.  That no one would know that I'd had two hips replaced except for him and others like him with a more trained eye.  But, when I demonstrated the walking in place and how keeping the pace set the mileage, he laughed.  Yes, my doctor laughed at me for trying to do that video.  We had a little chat about just how much trauma my body has had in the last 16-17 months and what sort of things I should and should not expect to be able to do.  That sort of marching in place even at a slow pace is on the 'not do' list.

He encouraged me to continue to with the 3 day therapy/3 day other routine but not to push anything.  If caused any discomfort, to quit.  This will be my life until October, when I reach the one year mark on hip two.  So, I am trying to embrace resting once again.  Truth be told,  I actually took a nap when I got home from his office because I was tired!  I don't see afternoon naps becoming a regular part of my life, but I won't rule it out, either.  The whole conversation just gave me relief and I'm taking one giant step back on the workouts.

I'm still figuring out how to have my main meal in the middle of the day.  This week, 65MD has had luncheons at work for various reasons so it has been great for him, which works out well for me too.  I haven't had anymore attacks and perhaps this could just be the ticket to sustainable weight loss.

I need to get back on that train and ride!  When the doctor showed me the x-rays of my new hardware, I could see the outline of the fat.  He very generously, did not mention that, but it was gross and I'm using that as a motivator to do better, rather than something to have another tantrum about.


  1. I'm glad you got some reassurance that you are NOT a slacker and that you are trying to push too hard. That's so funny that he laughed at you, but I can also imagine you demonstrating and that cracks me up as well! :)

    1. I believe that you have a very accurate mental image.

  2. I think it's gorgeous that you tried to show him in his office! That's something that I would do! Love it!

  3. For so long I felt I needed to do big meals at night for the kids and Randy. Somewhere along the way I let myself off the hook. We have our larger meal at noon. Nights are leftovers, cereal, soup, sandwich, etc. I let the kids make their own meal. They love having the "choice". Cant say it's helping my weight but it is helping my indigestion. You will find what works for you guys. Whatever you make as your big meal, make enuf for 65md to have leftovers for dinner. (I don't do leftovers but randy loves them). Or maybe make some new breads to have sandwiches for lunch. Then try new recipes at dinner that are lighter. New soup recipes? Cool salad recipes with new/different greens, grilled veggies, grains.? It will satisfy your cooking gene and be lighter and better for you. Good luck. Take it easy on yourself.

  4. Sounds like a good appointment...even though he doesn't want you to push quite so hard. You can figure out exactly what works for you with where you are in the healing!!!