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Friday, February 26, 2016

I Did It

I signed up for the gym benefit at 65MD's school today.  I would have chickened out but didn't because I'd blabbed about it so much IRL as well as on here.  After all of the excitement of the free use of the facility, I realized I, in my pudgy post-op body, would be in the same room as 18 to 21 year old athletes in their peak.  OOPS!!

When the young lady, who was almost as big as my pinky finger, gave us a tour, I asked if there were times when the athletes were most likely to be there.  I was trying to frame it, as I didn't want to encroach, but she saw right through me.  She also said she totally understood.  And, she gave me some times that were most likely for them to be in class or otherwise occupied.  Those times actually worked out as the times that will best work for me. 

On the tour, however, there were three young men, working very hard lifting weights.  She pointed them out to me and said they were there all the time, but not to worry, they'd never notice me.  I think she was right.

I got a list of the classes, which are included in the benefit.  I was quite pleased to see that a dear friend is teaching an aerobics class MWF at noon.  She helped me get certified as an aerobics instructor when I was in my late 20's.  I actually taught classes at one point!  Right now, I know that is beyond my abilities, but it is definitely a goal for me.  The personal trainer (which is a kinesiology student) is an extra fee.  Right now, with my unusual circumstances, I don't want to do that.

I haven't quite decided how many days per week I'll go or what I'll do when I get there.  I plan to go next week, probably Tuesday and use the elliptical and see about doing some upper body weights.  ( Former President Bush will be on campus on Monday, making the campus a nightmare to navigate.  Otherwise, I would plan to go on Monday.)  

I still have some trepidation about the whole thing since I overshot my abilities with Leslie Sansone.  I want to push myself, but I don't want to hurt myself nor do I want to cop-out.  It won't be worth it to drive over there, find a place to park (a major issue at any time), and walk to the facility to only do 10 minutes.  Hopefully, I'll find a balance soon.

I found some cute workout clothes half price at Target this afternoon.  Now, I need to practice putting my athletic shoes on, and figure out how to tie them without bending my hip past 90 degrees.  65MD said I could come to his office and he'd tie my shoes!  I'd like to avoid that.  Between now and Tuesday maybe I'll accomplish that little goal.

Now, I ask a favor of my dear readers.  Ask me how it is going, please, particularly if I don't mention it for a while.  That could mean I'm doping off.  Since sharing here that I was going to sign up, compelled me to actually sign up when I was feeling ambivalent, surely the accountability will keep me going.


  1. Congrats on signing up for the gym!

    I don't blame you for asking when they athletes normally workout. How intimidating!

  2. You could always go for good 'ole velcro! Lol I hope you find a nice balance and enjoy yourself! Yay to you for going!

    1. I've seen some with drawstring like laces. I'd like to try those. I managed to get my athletic shoes on all by myself yesterday. I tied them too but it hurt and I've set myself back too many times to try and push through just to tie my shoes. I might blog about tying my shoes. It was funny.

  3. Getting there is sometimes the hardest part. I live in Dallas so Bush43 is often out and about. I ran into him at a restaurant one day. I said "howdy". True story.

  4. I am so proud of your for doing it!!!! Yes, I will be asking if you don't preempt my asking by just telling us in your posts!!!