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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

True Confessions

I have not been exercising or doing therapy.  Sigh. And eating poorly.

Even though, initially I felt relieved when the surgeon let me off the hook with working out, it has morphed into frustration.  I thought, I'd go back doing therapy 5 days per week and something else the other day, gradually decreasing the therapy days and increasing the workout days.  Then I let anger and frustration creep in.  I began to think "What's the use?" and threw another little pity party for myself.  And I did not exercise.  And started making bad decisions about what to eat.

I felt myself slipping into the dark place that is hard to crawl out of.  So, I decided enough was enough and put my big girl panties on.  I decided if therapy was all I could do then I'd do therapy and do it well.  No sense pushing things and hurting myself.  I need to learn to enjoy the process and stop looking to the end result so much.  I'm robbing myself of today's joy.

Then I wrenched my left hip.  UGH!  I really don't know what happened and the problem isn't nearly to the degree is was with the Great Toilet Incident.  However, it has made doing some of my therapy impossible.  Instead, I've been icing my hip while writing my 2016 Mantra - "I am strong, fit and healthy."  (It is OK to laugh here.  I get the irony. At least I'm not eating candy too.)

All is not lost.  My husband is a college professor and the university has opened the athletic training facility to spouses as well as faculty.  We have an appointment on Friday.  (65MD has to vouch for me.)  They will show us the facility and even set up a routine for me.  The best part is, it is all free!
Here's hoping I have finally found something that will work for me.


  1. Wow! I dream of free gym opportunities like that! How lucky are you?!? Enjoy!

  2. I'm sorry you've been so down! Always feel free to email me, even just to whine, any time you need to. Years ago when hubby was still in college, I got free use of the college gym because hubby was enrolled. Loved it! Sorry you bothered your hip again. :/

    1. Thank you for the offer. That is so kind. I've been quite whiny lately and I don't like it. I think once spring arrives I'll feel better.
      I'm getting nervous about the gym thing now. I've realized that I'll be surrounded by actual college athletes. That thought is intimidating. I'm hoping I can find a time when I'll be alone for the most part.

    2. That's what I've been able to accomplish at our local gym. One day, though, the entire football team came to exercise because it was Homecoming that night or something. Hated it! LOL

    3. Nightmare!! 65MD says maybe I'll inspire the athletes. I probably will since they won't want to end up like me!

  3. You keep saying that mantra in your head! You CAN achieve all of that, even with the setbacks!

  4. It's ok - just keep moving forward. this weight loss and health thing is often two steps forward; one (or two!) steps back.

  5. The free gym sounds wonderful! Don't worry about the college athletes... they will probably find YOU inspiring!

    You ARE strong, you know that! Your strength will keep you moving more and more into the fit and healthy place. I'm sure of it :)