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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It's the Little Things

One of my blog friends used this as a title to a post recently and I am shamelessly stealing it.  If there is anything I have had reinforced in the last week, it is indeed that the little things make all the difference in the world, particularly when I am at my limit emotionally as I am now.

For instance.  I ordered ink yesterday for my printer.  I had a discount code that expires today.  I was glad I remembered to do it so that I got the discount.  Every little bit helps.  Today, I got a message saying that my order was canceled.  There was a problem with my credit card.  Normal Lori, would have been irked by having to redo it, but would have and then moved on.  Crazed Lori, is ready to throw her laptop across the room using words her mother would not let her use.

So far, Crazed Lori has not done so and the ink has been reordered and they honored the discount code.

Normal Lori (if there is such a thing) is struggling to regain control by thinking about good things, like her three year old niece that has learned the word 'delicious' and applies it to everything she eats.  She has always liked blueberries as do I, so I always have some on hand to offer her.  I love hearing her say "Dees boobewwies are da-WISH-us!"  The more she likes something the greater the emphasis on the middle syllable.  That thought is making even Crazed Lori smile. (Auntie Lori is the best Lori!)

I woke up about 6:00 am with a nose bleed.  (One of my tasks for the day is to find the humidifier for tonight.)  Somehow blood had skipped over the pillowcase onto the pillow itself and then once again bypassing the sheet and onto the mattress pad.  Some how the sheet had come untucked and had worked its way underneath me.  Go figure.   So, today I had to strip the bed and figure out how to get blood out of a pillow.

Crazed Lori is mad because it was not what she had planned for the day.  She is a busy woman with deadlines and commitments.  Normal Lori is trying hard to think about being glad for a washing machine and the ability to work from home so that her paying job and laundry can happen at the same time.

Add to this that 65MD and I decided to flip our eating day around.  Now we are having our main meal in the middle of the day, apart from each other.  This has all the Lori's a bit discombobulated.  Crazed Lori thinks we are now just one step away from assisted living.  Normal Lori is trying to figure out how to make this new lifestyle work with her schedule and Auntie Lori is daydreaming about the next time she and her niece can have some 'daWISHus boobewwies!' 


  1. You are officially a tripolar blog-title stealer! Haha I am so glad they honored that coupon code. Things like that tick me off more than they should at times, too! Have you tried getting some Vaseline on a Q-tip and lining the inside of your nostril with it? That is one tip doctors would give when I did transcription. Also, a nurse told my dad (who has issues with blood on pillowcases and such) that peroxide is the best way to get blood out of clothing and sheets and such. Maybe you can google that. Your niece sounds so precious! :)

    1. I'm going to just start emailing you from now on whenever I have an issue. You know everything from your transcription days and you won't make me sit in a waiting room for hours on end!!

      Funny thing about the Vaseline - 65MD suggested that and the only one I could find in the house was for babies. I used it anyway and walked around the rest of the day smelling baby powder. It was probably a good thing.

      BTW, we ran the humidifier last night and I had no nosebleeds in my sleep. I had a minor one this morning so I went to do the Vaseline thing and found the plain stuff. I think I like the baby powder better. :)

    2. LOL Nothing like the inside of your nostrils smelling like a fresh baby's butt!!! You really wouldn't BELIEVE all the friends and family who call me for medical advice. My dad even told his doctor he was going to start seeing ME instead of him!! He is always so surprised when I diagnose him before his doctor does. Haha I will say I loved transcription so much. I learned a lot. I sometimes wish I had went to medical school. I'm glad the humidifier helped. My son has to have one every single night or his asthma acts up. I can't believe such a simple thing can help so much. I do hate draining it and stuff each day to keep it clean, though. I'm lazy, I guess! Lol

  2. Watching kids pick up language skills is my fave part of my job! Love it!

  3. Ugh, I totally hate when I get stuff on the pillow. It's like, what good is the case?? I do hope things smooth out a little for you. Hugs!