Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What in the World!

I weighed yesterday.  I'd made a pact with a friend not to weigh until yesterday.  My weight stayed the same.  My measurements decreased, so I'm OK with that.  No one really knows what the scales read, but everyone can see my body.  I've been so  on it with my therapy and exercise that I'm sure the scale figure reflects some muscle building - finally.  I can definitely see it in my backside, particularly around my scar areas.  That is even more of a bonus since the area from my waist to the top of my legs is the real issue with my body.  No matter how 'small' I get that lovely little area is just too big relative to everything else.  We all have something, don't we?

Then last night - 65MD and I streamed Downton Abbey since we were busy watching the Super Bowl Sunday night.  We'd had a nice meal of chicken & wild rice soup made from scratch by me and a lovely little dessert made with coconut milk, cocoa, a dab of honey and some chia seeds.  It was pudding like.  It was fine, but not a 'let's have this again, ASAP' type thing.  So, on Downton they were sipping tea and I thought a nice cup of hot tea would be just the thing.

As soon as the show was over, I went to fix myself a cup while 65MD queued up the next show.  It was beginning to snow and we were cozy and warm with the fire, the TV and now hot tea.  I made myself a nice nest on the couch with lots of blankets and settled in.

I had a sip of tea and it felt like I'd been stabbed in the stomach.  It was odd.  I had no idea why that would have happened.  I had another sip and had the same sensation.  After the third sip, I decided no more tea.  Yet, the pain increased and intensified to the point I had to tell 65MD.  One look at me and he knew something serious was happening.  I began to pour sweat and started shedding blankets and clothes.

65MD diagnosed me with a gall bladder attack.  He'd had them before and had his gall bladder removed before we got married.  He began all his home remedies, since I was concerned that it would be hard to get to the ER.  We tried everything we could think of, and searched the internet for more ideas.  It was awful.  The longer it lasted the more we thought that and ER trip was required but the more snow there was on the roads.  Some time around midnight I vomited.  It really didn't change anything, as this was not the run of the mill stomach virus.

Finally, I found  the least painful position in the bed, with the heating pad on my belly and dozed off.  We woke this morning to probably an inch of snow on the ground.  I called the doctor's office and they were having issues rescheduling folks because of the weather.  I am scheduled to see the doctor tomorrow afternoon.  

I hope to have an answer and a solution quickly.  This chick is tired of surgery!  My 2016 mantra is "I am strong, fit & healthy" for heaven's sake!!  That is beside the fact that 65MD is surprising me with a Valentine's trip this weekend.  I don't know where we are going, only that I need to pack nice clothes and makeup!!  We have trips scheduled for March & April.  We have things to do that do not include hospitalization.


  1. I hope your gallbladder is just fine! I'll email you some stuff I just looked up about all this for a friend of mine. That is SO SWEET of your hubby to plan a surprise trip like that for you!!! Love it!

  2. I had gall bladder problems and solved them with diet (even though the Doctor said that I would definitely need to have it out). I used to jog on the spot for half an hour until the pain passed. It was so intense. Interestingly, one of my triggers was coconut milk, so maybe it was that and it took until you had the tea for it to digest?

    1. Thank you! I bet it was the coconut milk. I'll stay away from that for sure. I was afraid to eat yesterday because I didn't want to trigger another attack. How did you change your diet? Fat free?

  3. Praying for everything to be fine and no more surgery for you!

  4. Oh no, that stinks! I had gallstones and subsequent gallbladder removal many years ago. Those attacks were so incredibly painful. Hopefully you'll figure this out soon and not have this happen again.

  5. Omg! Sudden, inexplicable symptoms like that are the worst! Hope you feel better soon.