Total Weight Loss

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Accountability Time

It appears that the exercise in my foreseeable future is therapy and some Wii type exercise.   Good thing the school gym membership is free and open ended!  Having that limitation does not excuse or allow poor eating.  However, I have slipped into that habit.  As of today, right now, I am drawing a line in the sand.  I am getting my eating back under control. 

I am not going to swear off all carbs or limit myself to a certain number of calories, etc.  I am avoiding white sugar and flour and eating small meals throughout the day.  I know that saying something is off limits, then it is all I want.  I also know that if I skip meals during the day as I am prone to when I get busy, I eat too much at supper.  So, I am playing a little mind game here.

I am making better choices with my eating.  While we were out of town, I heard myself order water to drink because I wanted it.  I even ordered a side salad once, instead of chips.  To be totally honest, I also drank sweet tea, and ate fried chicken and pecan pie.  That was at that lovely diner, I mentioned in my last post.  Boy, it was good!  Like Grandma's.  Obviously there is work to be done.

I am also committing to a Wednesday weigh in, and I'll share that here.  As of today I weigh 231.4.  YIKES!!  For comparison's sake, my pre-op weight was 223.8.  I was doing a good job of hanging out there until my last injury.  When I went without even therapy exercises for a few days, I jumped up to 226.6.  The poor choices over the weekend, along with not as much water while traveling accounts for the rest of the gain.

Next week, my goal is to announce a good week of eating and whatever exercise I can do.  Perhaps that will also lead to a lower number on the scale.  All I can control is what I eat and how much I move.  I will. I will share the outcome here.


  1. I hear you on the getting the eating under control. It is all about being willing to make changes and find out what works (or doesn't) for you. Here's to hearing about your "good week" report :)

  2. Great plan! You can't control your exercise levels while you are recouping and totally recovering, but you CAN control what you are eating! And NOTHING should ever be off limits.

  3. You always do great when you set your mind to it, Lori! Sounds like a good plan to have in place.

  4. I see so much of myself in you! We seriously think about things so similarly. :-)