Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


65MD and I made a quick trip out of town for a long weekend conference. I love to do the 'tag-along' on these things.  We rented a car and drove to our destination.  Once we parked in the hotel garage we didn't get back in it again until time to go home.  That wasn't the plan but that is how it worked out.

We arrived Saturday evening, and after getting settled in our room we decided to find something to eat.  We googled for the closest place to eat.  Google Maps showed the walking directions and said it was 0.4 miles.  That was a real challenge for me.  

But since, I was sore and stiff from riding -  Yes, I was.  The last hour or so was torture both going & coming. - I decided a walk would be a good thing.  It was still a leap of faith since I knew nothing about the sidewalks, if it was uphill, etc.  Walking on anything other than the floor can be a challenge at times.  I ventured out, knowing that I'd get a rest while we ate and if it was just too much 65MD would come back with the car.

We happened upon the coolest kitschy-est diner ever.  We had a nice meal and loved it so much that we went back another night!  The walk was only about 3 blocks.  I needed the stretch, but the sidewalks were all bumped up with time.  

I only stumbled once.  65MD had walked ahead of me so we could go single file around some obstacles.  I caught my toe on an uneven place and fell into him.  He was so close that, it does not count as a fall.  I did not go down.  He thought I was just being silly and hitting him in the back initially.  We assessed the situation and all was fine so we forged ahead. I took a naproxen when we got back to the room to help with the soreness from the ride and as a precaution because of the stumble.

On Sunday, we decided to walk to a little market nearby to get a few things to keep in the room for snacks.  It was the opposite direction from the restaurant.  We got there no problem.  However the place was closed.  65MD saw another market on the map a couple of blocks on down.  I agreed to two more blocks, but was cautious about agreeing to more.  I felt fine, but two blocks farther meant two more blocks back.   

After covering two more blocks with no market in sight, we asked a construction worker for directions.  He looked on his device and said we were going the right way and it was just two minutes ahead.  He couldn't tell us how many blocks.  We knew at my pace, two minutes was not accurate.  There were some benches in the sun about another block away.  We walked there together.  I sat and enjoyed some sun on my face while 65MD walked two minutes ahead.  He came back empty handed.

By this time, we were quite hungry and I was over getting anything to keep in the room.  There was a Newks in the middle of the block, so we went in and ate.  ( I usually don't like to eat a chains while we're traveling, I like to find the little local gems like the place we went Saturday night.) The cashier told us about a place nearby that had a lot of shops and he was sure it was open.  It was in the direction of our hotel, so we agreed to walk back that way.

It was a nice little shopping village, but 65MD is not a shopper and I am not yet up to a lot of strolling through shops just yet.  We did get some drinks to keep in the room, so that mission was accomplished.

I'm not sure how far we walked.  We never did try to measure it on the map.  I was feeling it when we got back to the room and feared, I'd be spending the rest of the trip stretched out on the bed, or in the chaise in our room.  I did have a rest, but other than a hot spot on the ball of my foot from my shoes, I was fine by evening to walk back to the diner.

The hotel had a real commitment to wellness.  They had one of the best, hotel gyms I've seen, a heated indoor lap pool, sauna and even a wellness menu.  I opted not to take advantage of the gym from the beginning.  The lap pool was full of children having a blast at the time I could go.  I was on the fence about it.  I don't hurt in the water so it would have been easy to overdo.  I had given myself a strict time limit.  When I saw the children enjoying it so much, I decided that was my sign to skip it.  I didn't want to hinder their enjoyment, nor did I want to get jumped on!  But I did get an amazing salad from the wellness menu!!

I took a naproxen each night before bed and had no ill effects.  I am once again optimistic about what I can do.  However, I am taking it nice and slow.  No more set backs for me.


  1. What a fabulous victory for you!!! You were able to walk instead of taking a car!!!! And you listened to your body and your body responded perfectly! YAY!!!! And a fun little trip to boot!!!

  2. That sounds like quite a bit of walking! Glad you ended up having a nice little get away. :)

  3. That is awesome!! I love to find local places when I travel too.