Total Weight Loss

Monday, March 21, 2016

The Consequences

Even though confession is good for the soul, it does nothing for the consequences to be paid on the scale.  When I woke up yesterday, I knew I was paying dearly for all of the processed 'food' I had eaten on Saturday.  My belly felt distended and my hands were so swollen I could hardly make a fist.  Forget about my wedding band moving in any direction!

I weighed.  I had to.  I needed to know.  I had gained back every thing I lost over the last week and a half!  I had weighed Saturday morning and was down, so I was really looking forward to giving a good report on Wednesday.  Now, I'll be glad to be back where I was last Wednesday. 

I'm trying to keep a good attitude about it.  I knew what I was doing. I wasn't in an emotional binge.  These were conscious decisions.  Those are much easier to change.  Plus, I believe, I confirmed my "Granny Plan" just a bit more.  Real food is the right way to go.

I got right back with it yesterday and slammed the water.  I am doing the same thing today.  (One deviation from Granny - she drank sweet tea and it was good!)  65MD and I have worked out a plan for lunch.  I'll still make a meal as though he were here.  I'll eat it that day and he'll take leftovers the next.  It will be weird for me to sit at the table and actually eat a meal while I'm alone, but I can do it.  I bet Granny would.


  1. Congrats on getting back in the game! I love Granny's plan. Great advice

  2. I hate how you can put hard work in and then a husband and some crappy food take all the results away!!!! LOL Jk. I am a wife. I couldn't help but blame it on your husband. Ha Well, you know that most of your gain has to be sodium and fluid, so that's good. The water and getting back to Granny's ways should help with that in a couple days!

    1. It probably is 65MD's fault. It sure isn't mine!!

  3. Hopefully since it was a quick gain, it will be a quick loss!