Total Weight Loss

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wednesday Weigh-In

This morning I weighed 227.8, down 0.4 from last week. I'll take it.  I'll take a loss no matter how small, especially after the weekend I had.

I did the Granny Plan on Easter.  I ate my big meal in the middle of the day (more on that later).  I even ate part of a slice of cake.  I made a lemon blueberry cake from scratch just like Ganny would've.  She always had cake, pie or cookies around that she'd made.  The only cookies I recall her ever buying were chocolate covered graham crackers.

Anyway - I served myself a smallish slice of cake along with the others that wanted some.  I was a little surprised that it wasn't very good.  I'd made this cake before so I knew what to expect.  It was dense, like maybe I left the baking powder out.  It tasted fine, the texture was off.  I nibbled on it trying to figure out what had happened while accepting compliments on it.  So, it wasn't horrible.  

I can't remember what happened to take me away from the table, but I left and never came back.  We all wound up outside having a wonderful time.  Once everyone left, and we came inside to clean up.  I found my partially eaten piece of cake in the kitchen, with someone else's leftover cake on the same plate.  I suspect my mother.

There was a time in my life when I'd eaten everything on the plate both mine and the other.  This time, I tossed it all in the trash.  And the rest of the cake is still in the refrigerator.  I keep telling myself that it isn't good and so far that is working.   I'm calling that a Non-Scale Victory.  Both the fact that I didn't eat the leftover cake and that I've not had anymore.  I don't want to waste my hunger on something that isn't good. I'm going to have to send the cake to school with 65MD before it molds. 

Now about the midday meal - I'm getting into a rhythm of it a little more.  I got some divided plates.  I prepare 65MD's meal for the next day on one of those, before I put the leftovers away.  That way all he has to do is get his dish out in the mornings.  I'm still sorting out how to figure in my work and the gym.  It will come.

Speaking of the gym, I figured out how to work the lock-laces.  It was really quite simple.  Sadly, though it has not quite solved my problem.  I put my socks on these days by putting my foot on the bed beside me with my knee slightly bent.  If my right foot is on the bed, I reach over with my right hand and put on my sock.  I gather the sock up so that I can slip my toes in and then pull it over my heel with one hand.  I repeat the process on the other side.  I put my shoes on either the same way if they're a little soft, or just by standing and putting my foot in if they're firm enough that I don't push the back part down.  (I hope that makes sense.)  I thought that I would be able to slide the lace locks with one hand while my foot was on the bed beside me.  But, I don't have that kind of dexterity.  I also can't reach across my body with the other hand in order to use both hands. - SIGH.  

I will not be defeated by shoes!  I tried and tried with 65MD's coaching to find a way to pull the tab and press down on the button at the same time without breaking a hip rule.  The best we came up with was looping something through the laces that was long enough for me to hold with my opposite hand.  I would pull with that while pressing the button with my closer hand.  It worked but not well.  We're still thinking.  We'll come up with something.  (65MD will.  He's a good problem solver.)

I'm determined to get my shoes on and get to the gym, however, I am not going to get discouraged by the delay.  I am taking it, that I'm being delayed for a reason.  Perhaps my body isn't quite ready for that kind of workout.  It has only been 5 months since surgery.  My previous attempts to do anything more strenuous than therapy or the Wii have set me back.  Besides, in a few more weeks the semester will be over.  Most of the jocks will be gone and I won't have the intimidation factor to deal with.  Am I right???


  1. Ok. Not sure I followed the sock and shoe issues. With Sawyer we leave the laces very loose. Not even tightening them when they r on his feet. Easier for him to get on and off. For some weird reason, they don't flop on him. With regular laces, they would flop right off.
    They say necessity is the mother of invention. I'm sure you will figure it out. Long shoe horn? A valet? Velcro?

    Good luck.

    1. Actually, we never tried not cinching them up. It's worth a shot.

  2. I love that story. It is a TOTAL NSV!

  3. That is a HUGE NSV about the cake!!!!

    I agree with your delay with the shoes and the gym......when the time is right a solution will present itself!

  4. I'm very late in my reply, but a very long shoe horn is exactly what Disabled Man's physical therapist gave him. He still uses it daily to put on his shoes. I also read on the lock laces site that you can leave the laces always tightened (as tight as you need them) to slip on and off repeatedly without having to tighten them each time. I hope you get it all figured out!