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Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Few Pictures

I've been asked to include a few more 'on the way down' photos.  So here are a few from our trip.  Yes, I swam with the sting rays!!!

I might have a career as a bird lady if my day job doesn't work out.  At one point there was one on my head, but we didn't have the camera ready.

Since I wasn't weighing on the trip, I don't know what my weight was in each of these shots, some where north of 185 is all I can say for sure.

I did great yesterday.  I was actually looking forward to eating more healthy, nourishing foods.  I thought about ice cream a lot, but that was OK.  I'm learning to mentally savor ice cream.  I think that is often better than reality.

This morning I weighed 191.8.  I'm going to post my weight each week to help with the accountability thing.  Hopefully, I'll remember each Saturday to do that!

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