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Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Few Thoughts from the Week

First the Saturday scale report - 187.

Second - I helped a coworker move some files to storage this week.  She has a bad back and couldn't lift the heavy boxes.  I was glad to help.  It is amazing, how heavy a box of paper can be.  I carried 8 boxes of paper down one flight of steps and into a hot, humid storage area.  I was quite proud of myself for being able to do that.  I felt strong and actually glad for the extra workout.  Then I began to wonder how much the boxes weighed.  I really don't know but maybe 25-30 lbs???  I do know they didn't weigh any where near 72 pounds which had been my total weight loss prior to 'travel season'.  I used to carry two or even three boxes worth of that weight around with me all the time!!!  It was a nice epiphany.

Third - What is up with women's clothes sizes!?!?!?  I'm having a real issue with this lately.  I wear a 16.  Most of my 16's fit nicely.  I have one skirt that is a little loose in the waist and one pair of pants that are a little on the tight side.  I understand that.  That is not my issue.  My issue is why do women who weigh 25+ pounds more than me wear 16's.  Why am I not in a 14?  I promised myself that I wouldn't get hung up on the numbers this time.  (And I don't think I am when it comes to the number on the scale.)  But, every where I turn lately, I read a blog or hear a comment about size 16.  Almost every blogger I read is in a 16 now, but they are all over 200 lbs.  They are even talking about the 16's getting loose!!!  Even now I'm 13 lbs under 200 - what gives??  I know body shape & height have something to do with it and I've only seen these people in pictures so it is hard to compare.  BUT...a friend mentioned to me that she needed to 'get out of these big fat clothes'  just this week.  Guess what?  They were size 16.  I feel quite certain that she outweighs me by about 20 lbs.  We're fairly close in height, so it isn't that this time.  I'm trying hard not to let this bother me, but clearly it is.  It seems unfair somehow.

Fourth - I'm starting back on the hcg tomorrow.  LOOK OUT!!!  I can hardly wait to report my progress.

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  1. totally get the clothing thing! LOL I always say the same thing! I'm 243 and size 18--if the past holds true when I hit 230 I'll be in what world?? I'm amused because when I was in the 180's I wore a sz14...but that was back in the 90s and we all know how vanity sizing has changed clothing in the past 20 yrs into unreliable numbers.
    So what’s a 90s sz 14 now? A 10?