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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So much to little time...

I've still been battling to get the 182.6, my pre Destin weight.  I've gotten very close a time or two but not yet.  It has been a very emotional week for me, and I am an emotional eater.  I've known that for some time, but there is still some denial in there some place.  On Saturday, one of my errands was to pick up some gift cards for the flood victims, then I went to church to help with some hands on, real, tangible help.  I didn't plan well, and missed lunch.  When I got home, I was emotionally exhausted.  I logged on to facebook to see what was going on with my 300 closest friends thinking I'd decompress for a while.  I was skimming through the status updates when realized that I was piling in the cashews like crazy.  I was hungry, so it took some real strength to put down the cashews and find something with a little more nutritional value, particularly since I was sooooo tired in my head.  But I did.  It was a non-scale victory of sorts.
For the vegetable challenge this week, I made an asparagus casserole.  I failed to mention in my diatribe about hating vegetables, that I will eat asparagus, so this is a bit of cheating as far as trying a whole new vegetable goes.  But, we've been on water restriction due to the flooding.  In response to that, I cooked as much as possible Sunday afternoon.  The plan was to only run the dishwasher once to clean the cooking utensils.  Then, all week we would heat up the prepared items on paper plates in the microwave.  (It hasn't worked exactly as planned, but that's not important to weight loss.)  When I try something new, I only make a small amount for that meal, I just couldn't justify doing that with the water issues.  I'll be back on track soon enough, my husband is not willing to let me forget that I promised to try a tomato this summer!!!
Now, on to the promised book review.  The first half or so of the book discusses studies done on both humans & animals regarding reactions to certain foods.  There is discussion of dopamine, serotonin, etc.  I won't even try to explain it here.  The author is convinced, however that certain individuals are more prone to overeating due to both external stimuli (like commercials) and internal stimuli.  The internal stimuli is based on the composition of food - the way it is processed and that does stuff to your brain chemistry.  Also, this change in composition, makes the food less satisfying, so that the eater continues to eat far beyond the bodies' need.  It was hard reading for anyone not in to reading scientific stuff.
The second part of the book had some very helpful information for breaking the cycle.  The tips would help for any behavior modification, IMO.
The book is worth the read, for at least the second part.  The whole first section, is to convince the reader that there is an issue.  I personally, didn't need convincing.  I've seen copies as inexpensive as $3.00 on  Of course shipping is at least that much.  I got my copy at the local library.  Check it out and then decide if it is worth the purchase price.

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