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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Small Change

I was right about the small change in the scales this morning, but I was wrong about the direction.  I gained 0.2 lbs - UGH!!  I had another good eating day today, so I know that sooner or later the scales will catch up.  But, I am frustrated. 

One of the reasons I started this blog was to share the good, bad & ugly of this journey, not just the sunshine & roses.  This is part of the ugly.  Even though my brain knows that if I keep on doing what I am supposed to be doing the scales will follow, but my heart isn't there.

So far, I've kept my car in the road, but it is getting harder & harder every day.  I've heard a couple more analogies about staying on course:
*If you're driving along and your car has a flat tire, what do you do?  You pull over fix/change the tire and drive on.  You don't throw up your hands and slash the other three!!
*If you stumble going down the stairs you don't fling yourself the rest of the way down, you grab the handrail and straighten up.
I'm gathering all the analogies I can to keep myself from sabotaging myself.

On another note, one of our counselors at work asked me yesterday how I'd lost weight.  I gave him a brief recap regarding switching between the two eating plans, and cheat days.  He thought that was a good plan, and I mentioned that my mentality regarding the cheat days made me wonder about an addictive personality trait.  He said that what I was doing was working so not to worry about it.  I felt a great burden lifted.  I'll just keep doing what's working.  How simple?  Why didn't I think of that? 

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  1. Lori:

    I just popped over from the comment you left on my Fitness Friday post. I'm so proud of you for taking the necessary steps to get your weight off and for being brave enough to blog about it. What an inspiration you will be to so many others on this journey.

    Keep trying those veggies. I'm convinced the people who don't like veggies don't prepare them in a way they enjoy. I like mine all different ways...some raw, some steamed, some grilled, some in soups and casseroles. Try a variety of ways before you write them off.

    And regarding your "cheat days," may I humbly suggest you call them "treat days" or "free days"? I think there is something very psychological about the words we choose. To call it "cheat" is to imply you are doing something wrong or forbidden. To call it "treat" or "free" implies it's something special and exciting.

    You are working very, very hard. You deserve "free days" my friend!!!! :)