Total Weight Loss

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Scale Says

This morning the scales read 166.6!  Finally back in to new territory.  (My lowest weight before I got sick was 167.0)

Total weight lost:   87.8
Pounds to go:         21.6
Days to beach:       3

I had a hard week last week, but not nearly as bad a year's past.  Often in the afternoon, I'd begin to think about how tired I was an how I would just suggest we go out for a quick meal.  Almost immediately, I'd think that wasn't a good idea, and there were no real epic battles with regard to that.  I struggled the most with 'sneeching' the term Margene coined to describe on plan cheating.

But rather than beat myself up over it.  I recognize that I'm a long way from where I was three years ago, when I would have gone out for supper without a second thought.  I would have eaten a lot too.  I know I still have improvements to make, but that's OK.  That is all part of life.

I've made great strides in the precheating area as well.  I know I'm a long way from conquering that, but this morning when I saw a new low on the scales, I thought about how I'd really have to kick it up a notch for the next few days.  I don't want to rebound while I'm gone.  A thought like that would never have entered my mind years ago.  I would have decided to eat, drink and be merry until I got back from the beach.

Life is good.  The day is gorgeous.  I've got a good bit to do to get the house ready for a sitter.  For some reason I have to have the house clean enough to perform surgery on the bathroom floor before I go on a trip.  It is that much worse when we're having a sitter.  If there is some psychosis in that, I'll worry about it later.  For now, I'll enjoy a clean house!


  1. I get it! I like to come back to a clean house. But I gave up on this years ago because my family just did not seem to feel the same and there was no cleaning around them:)

  2. Way to go!! You have almost caught up with me on your actual weight (you've lost LOTS more than me - you go, girl!), so let's finish this thing out together! Keep that in mind while on your trip, so we'll still be close when you get back!

  3. fabulous and congrats sweetie! have a blast on the beach and remember broiled seafood and a salad tastes great and is good for you! then you can even walk it off afterwards! a win win anyway you look at it.