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Monday, April 4, 2011

Term Needed

I've been working hard on the precheating and preeating issues I've discovered that I have. Thanks to Karen for introducing me to the term precheat and the great suggestion to chew gum while preparing meals!! I am a gum chewing girl for sure. There are no less than four flavors of gum in my purse right now. I often chew it at work to ward off those afternoon munchies. I hadn't considered chewing it while cooking. I love the idea and can easily implement it. That is why I love blogging. I get these wonderful suggestions. Thanks!!

I discovered another issue yesterday. Now I need a term for it. That way I can remind myself not to XYZ. This little issue has been ongoing for several weeks now, as even the casual reader might have noticed and that is 'on plan' cheating. That is when I eat something that technically fits within the parameters of my current eating plan, but it isn't really a good choice. Yesterday, it was dill pickles.

I love those things. I especially love the ones I make. I feel like they are healthier and lower in sodium. They are far from sodium free, but still they aren't the packing house things either. Cucumbers and vinegar are acceptable on my plan right now. There is still a limit as to the amount, but acceptable. Dill pickles are cucumbers, vinegar, dill & salt packed in water. All acceptable, but not a good idea.

I decided yesterday to have all of my vegetable servings in dill pickles - at one time.

I won't get in to the decision making process, but it happened. It seemed to take mere moments before my hands started swelling. By bedtime last night, I could barely make a fist. I knew before I stepped on the scales this morning that my weight would be up. I was right. I was up 1.6 lbs! Clearly, the gain was fluid. I've been chugging the water like crazy so far today and I've peed a river, so I think most of that will be gone in the morning. But clearly, I need to stop this behavior.

So any suggestions of what to call this virtuous cheating? I need a snappy word or two to use to remind myself not do to it. And...go!


  1. Glad the gum is working for you! I have several flavors around too but mostly chew them when I want something sweet or am trying not to fall asleep in front of the TV at night:)

    So I do this kind of cheating too. I hope someone comes up with a great name for it because being able to label "pre-cheat" really did help me too. Last spring when I was doing sooooo well on plan was the first time I really realized how easily I could slip and overeat with healthy food. For me, whole grain bread is a big culprit. Looking forward to reading your post that tells me what to call this! I'll ask my husband if he has an idea - he's the one that actually came up with pre-cheat for me when I was giving a long explanation.

  2. Oh boy, you've hit on a biggie for me. Can't wait to come up with a word for it. Believe that'll help me loads - plus knowing someone else struggles with that as well. With few exceptions, my eating is always healthy, nutritious, on-plan stuff. There's just way too much of it. Right now (even with my new found enthusiasm), I'm struggling with nuts. I love any kind of nuts and during December, Kroger kept walnuts and whole almonds on sale at an unbelievable price. My freezer is FULL of both. And I can easily eat them by the bagful! Good, healthy food choice?? Yes, but not in those quantities. So come on, people - help us find a word for it!

    P.S. I'm watching the radar and you are soon to be bombarded. And then of course, you are so kindly sending the nastiness eastward to me. Thank a lot!!

  3. yep yep yep i do it too, pork skins and nuts for me. i don't keep em in the house i buy the litte 2 for 1.00 packs of nuts (only 1) when i need a quick snack. i know if i bought a big bag i'd eat way too many. i ignore sales of things that would sabatage me cause no savings is worth me screwing up. hmmmm what to call this v-cheat??? a WTF-UP lolololol

  4. Liz,
    I switch back & forth between plans depending on what's working and what's going on in my life. Right now, I'm doing hcg.

  5. Why don't you call it SNEECHING? (snacking and cheating put together). I am the same way with beef Jerky! It's not a majorly bad food, but eating a whole bag of it just isn't good for me. Learning the whole MODERATION in all things can be tough! Good luck Lori... YOU can overcome this temptation! :) And thanks for your kind comments on my post today. You are a Sweetie!! (no pun intended)

    God Bless!

  6. I do that...fortunately when I do something like that it kind of cures me from doing it again. The other day my son brought in a fast food meal. It smelled soooo good. I asked him for one bite. I did it and it was amazing and within one minute, I had heart burn. Lesson learned!! I won't do that one again!! So not worth it!!

    Don't beat yourself up my friend, this is a process and we are all learning. You did the right thing getting back to your plan and getting the water in. The scale will go down soon!!

    Want you to know that I'm praying for you this week. Hope work is stress free!!

    Keep focused!!