Total Weight Loss

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Victory Thursday!!

I have a couple of almost PG-13 NSV for the week.  Intrigued???  I am a bath girl.  I love a nice hot soak more than just about anything to relax.  I have all sorts of oils, salts, and bubbles to enhance the experience.  I have been relishing bath time for sure this week.
So Tuesday night I got in the tub for a nice hot soak and I sat on something. I didn't remember seeing anything in the tub when I started the water, but there was definitely something under me. It was hard, and uncomfortable.  I raised myself up (which is another NSV) to brush the object out from under me, but there was nothing there.  I thought is must have floated away.  I sat back down but it was still there.  I raised up again and reached with the other hand, still nothing.  Hmmm.  I sat back down.  It was still there.  This pesky object must have adhered itself to me.  Maybe when I sat on it some sort of vacuum was created so this time I felt of my rump.  There it was, only it wasn't on the outside.  It was on the inside.  Apparently, I actually have a pelvis.  I had to wiggle around and get the remaining flesh (and there is still plenty!) situated into a comfortable position so that I could enjoy my soak to the fullest.

Today spring returned to my fair city.  I chose to wear a light airy skirt today sans hosiery.  It looked cute, but I had a surprising problem.  My skin on my thighs actually flapped so much when I walked it was audible!!  I really thought my only excess skin problem was my stomach.  Oh well!!!  I'll be shopping for some other foundation garments for the summer.

My last NSV for the week isn't nearly so titillating.  This week had been grueling to say the least.  I won't go in to details because only those that have endured a financial audit can understand.  And those folks need no details.  Our office is so small that I am the entire accounting department, so every thing I've done for an entire year has been inspected.  Most years, I'm in a dither about every last minute little detail.  Not this year.  This year, I was confident that I had done the best job I possibly could have.  I also understood that I was human and it was possible that an error not only had been made, but also discovered by the auditors.  And that was OK.  Everyone makes mistakes, even me.  I think that indicates my growth as a person beyond the perfectionistic person I was just two years ago when I started this journey.That is as good as the weight loss!!

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and good wishes during the week.  Another victory is that they are finished with the on site portion of the audit.  There are still a few loose ends to be tied up but they are minor and there won't be human beings in the office any more asking all sorts of questions!!  WOOT!


  1. you rock! i knew it'd be ok and these new bones popping out are a great sign! glad the audit went well.

  2. AWESOME! Good job - isn't it encouraging when we see results in our responses & attitudes too?! I think so!
    Enjoy your boney butt! LOL

  3. Hey, glad you are back and that the audit went well. I still get cold shivers up my spine when I think about audits. In HR, we were forever enduring one kind or another.

    Loved the bathtub story. Yes, spring made a brief appearance in our state, but I think summer is already here. Upper 80's is way too hot for me!

  4. The tail bone thing made me laugh! It's amazing how fat hides stuff. Sorry you were in pain!!

    I am glad you had a good week!! Audits are tough!!

    Keep up the great work my friend!!

    Stay focused!