Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I am lucky to work among encouragers.  The 1000 Mile Challenge started at work, so everyone in the office is aware of it, even if they are not participating.  Those of us that accepted the challenge each have our own methods for getting to the goal.  We keep each other motivated with charts and a friendly competition.

For instance, yesterday one woman realized she'd slipped back more than she thought so she ran two miles at lunch.  She lives very close to the office so she was able to go home, change in to running clothes, run two miles, refreshen a bit, and returned to work with some pink in her cheeks.  I was proud of her, and also a little envious that she could look so good after a two mile run!  We were all proud of her and told her so.

Our Executive Director, my boss, it about as excited as any non-participant.  He's constantly asking us how many miles we have.  He knows that I get a lot of steps in taking the long way around to where ever I'm going.  I can get 200 steps in just going to the ladies' room if I do a lap around the conference room.  He thinks it is great.  He have even come up with a couple of ways for me to get in extra steps.  He suggested more than once a lap around the parking lot.  I've agreed as soon as it is warm enough, which could be today.

Every day, I get comments from various co-workers congratulating me on sticking with the plan.  The conference room is being called "The Gym" by a few folks.  One woman even asked why I wasn't walking down her hall.  All in all it has been a very good experience.  I am extremely grateful for those people.  I know not everyone works in such an environment.  But there is one fly in the ointment.  There is one woman that is apparently irritated by this.

Initially, she made comments in jest, but they had a barb to them.  I'm sure we've all experience that. Knowing that the laughter is not genuine, but to cover up the ugly truth.  This woman has actually yelled at me as I've walked around the conference room. Although it is hurtful, I probably could brush it off as she is the only negative voice among the many, if I didn't consider her a friend. Nor is this the first time she's cast aspersions at my weight loss techniques.

If I were doing something harmful to lose weight, I realize it would take a true friend to stand up and point out the error of my ways.  Trying to walk 2.7 miles per day is not harmful.  I can only surmise as to what the problem is.  I think it is because 3 years ago, I was bigger than her and now I'm smaller.  She and I started plenty of diets/lifestyle changes/eating plans together in the time we've known each other.  I have finally found success.  I'm not quite to my goal, but I have managed to keep a large amount of weight off for a couple of years and I'm on my way to my goal weight.

I think that she's frustrated and angry about that.  I think she's ruing the lost opportunities.  I've tried to address it with her, but she denies it.  This whole thing really is very hurtful to me.  I felt as though we were genuine friends, but now I fear a fracture in the relationship.  I'm not sure if it can be repaired.

I have stopped talking about my struggles with her because I remember how it feels to not be the one losing weight.  I remember many times, hearing someone talking about needing to lose 10 or 20 pounds and think I'd love to have that problem.  I don't want to add to her frustrations, but I can't live my life walking on egg shells.  I know what I'm doing is the right thing.  I can only extend my hand in friendship and hope that she is able to come around.


  1. This is a tough one and I know exactly the feelings you are describing. I have a friend who is constantly sarcastic and condescending about my hiking. Unfortunately, I sit by her in choir so am subject to her ridicule most every week and seems to get worse. Others love hearing about my adventures and approach me to ASK, but when they walk away, I'm left with her remarks. I know that it is simple avoidance and nothing more. She is slightly overweight and completely sedentary making fun of any and all physical activity.

    And you are right. As hurtful as it may be, these are problems within THOSE people and can only be corrected by a change of THEIR heart. All you can do is be a role model and a open heart in the hopes that if they do ever come around, you'll not have alienated them.

    But it's hard when the attitude (verbal or non-verbal) never relents!

  2. sometimes jealousy and fear make people turn on you, my best advice let it go and let God. it'll work out one way or another just do whatever is for your greater good. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo