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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It Isn't Working!

I've been motivating myself for virtually my entire life by accepting nothing less that perfection.  For me achieving 100% really was just average.  I wanted to be just a little bit better 110% was much more what I expected of myself.  I am working very hard to shed that mindset.  Right now, I am struggling with that with regard to the whole walking thing.

Now that I've allowed myself to walk less than 2.7 miles.  I really don't care if I walk or not.  After all, I've got a whole year practically to walk 1000 miles.  So far, I have pushed myself and made myself walk.  But thoughts like:  "I'll get a lot of steps in at the beach in April.  I don't really need to push it now." creep in to my mind.  Last night's workout was mental torture.  The whole time I kept up this internal dialog about how long and hard I should go.

Here's the deal.  I had NO excuses last night.  I got home from work on time.  I had no commitments last night at all.  I had plenty of time.  I could have worked out for an hour.  I just didn't want to.  I got in about 45 minutes counting the Wii weigh in time.  But if I distilled it down to true hard work out time, more like 20 minutes.   

Some how the drive is gone.  I've swung to the 'nothing' end of the 'all or nothing' mindset.  Giving myself goals of a healthier body don't help.  It is too nebulous and far away.  Nor do new clothes or things like that.  My goodness, I have a wedding coming up in April.  That should be motivating enough but it isn't.  It is too far away I think. 

I need short term measurable goals, preferably ones with a small reward attached.  Like if I exercise 3 days per week I get x.  I don't know what x is though.  I need some ideas.  Got any?  What works for you?


  1. Challenges and rewards really don't work for me. My solution is to just do it! I feel so much better. Doesn't really matter what reward I get, it's how I feel.

    Oh and...

    To be 50 and able to curl 20 pounds, leg press 85 pounds and run and walk miles and miles and to be thinking about rowing and actually being fit enough to do it. To be able to live longer because of my efforts. To be able to clothes shop ANYWHERE! To wear my daughters clothes. To be able to move this body wherever I want and not be bed bound - because that's where I was headed. To have my Hubby wrap his arms all the way around me. To have a lap for my Grand Babies to sit on....I guess these are my rewards.


  2. Hi Friend, I tagged you today!

    Keep focused!