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Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Mileage

I have logged 46.5 miles so far this year.  I've gained a reputation at work for taking the long way around wherever I have to go in the office.  I have also been making more trips between the dryer and the bedroom and such as that in order to get more steps in each day.

On Thursday, I noticed mid-afternoon that I had a high number of steps.  I knew if I pushed myself, I would get a record number of steps for the day and I did.  Then on Friday, I decided to beat that number of steps and I did!  On Saturday, I was unable to beat Friday's record.  I was OK with that.  I know that I spent my time wisely.  I did not laze around or anything like that.  I just had obligations that kept me from getting in quite so many steps.  That's life.  That happens.

I am getting the most steps in each day that the day allows.  I am challenging myself to get better, but I'm not all caught up in it.  I'm not judging my worth by my pedometer.  I may get to 1000 miles by December 31 and I may not.  I know that I'll be pleased with myself if I keep simply doing the very best I can.


  1. Good for you! Your enthusiasm is contagious. I've found myself walking in place in front of the TV a couple times this week. It's almost addictive, watching those steps build up. I'll post later with my mileage.

  2. you're doin great! i have a friend who is doin a 15million steps challenge and that one seems very daunting if not a bit crazy to me. bu he's focused and it works for him. just be the best lori you can, that is all!

  3. Good job! I lost my pedometer today...waaaaaaahhhh!