Total Weight Loss

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Catching Up

I haven't really organized my thoughts as to how to encapsulate the last week of my life in a way that is interesting and relevant to this blog.  I'm going to work forward chronologically and address the eating & walking issues I encountered.  I think the information will be helpful to me down the road even if it isn't for the readers.  I feel like I've had a mind shift and once I sort it all out here on the screen I might believe that more fully or decide it was faulty thinking.

I began by giving myself a great big break on both the walking mileage and the food choices.  I wore my pedometer and hoped to get 2.7 miles in each day, but I decided to be happy with whatever I got.  I also decided that I would make the best choices I could regarding meals.  There would be some over which I had no control, I'd stay away from the obvious bad choices like sugar & white bread.  I would try to focus on protein, vegetables and fruit whenever possible.  Of course it was not an option to weigh or measure anything.  I knew I could eyeball it fairly well, and err on the side of too small.

Here goes.  Thursday was visitation for my aunt and the meal was provided by her sweet little church.  I really wasn't hungry and they'd provided sandwiches, chips, grapes and cookies.  I ate grapes.  Since I really wasn't very hungry, it was fine.  I did laps around the break room as my brother in law cracked jokes about mall walkers and my nephew and I tried to stay an equal distance apart.  Did I say I have a great family??? 

Friday was one of the strangest days of my life.  The morning got away from me, and I missed breakfast.  The funeral was mid morning and we were home by about 1:00.  I rushed home to finish frosting & decorating the cakes & cupcakes for the wedding.  I focused so much on that, it was well into the afternoon before I realized I'd still not eaten.  So, I ate an apple.  I got the cakes finished in time to  zip over to the wedding rehearsal & dinner.  They had a cookout.  Even though, I still didn't really consider myself hungry, I decided to have a burger without a bun.  Then I saw the hot dogs.  I love a hot dog grilled black with the skin split, and there were some.  I ate two and they were delicious.  I dipped them in mustard and ate them without any bread.  Then I spent a couple of hours  over night violently ill.

Saturday, I got up and got busy again with wedding plans.  The next thing I knew it was after 1:00 and I had not eaten.  My 22 year old nephew came to the rescue with chicken nuggets! At the reception a couple of hours later, I had a variety of snacks, like cheese & strawberries.  I also had a piece of the most delicious lemon cake ever in the world. 
On both days, I ran up & down steps.  Here and there and every where.  I was the first to volunteer to get stuff.  Unfortunately, I didn't get enough steps either day to reach 2.7 miles.  65MD thinks my pedometer malfunctioned because he saw me zooming around like a wild woman.  I think the pedometer was right because it hasn't messed up since.

On Sunday, I was determined to get back to my good eating & walking habits, but that was not to be.  After church, we saw the out of town family off and once again, I missed a couple of meals, and I did not get in enough steps, yet again.

Monday the audit started and work became a circus.  But, I managed to get in all my meals, and steps!  Tuesday, I was all but chained to my desk, so I didn't get in nearly enough steps.  I did much better both with food & steps yesterday.  I have two more days of the audit and I think I can make it.

In reviewing the past few days, I think I did the best I could.  My weight is up and it will take a few more days to get back down.  The victory is I didn't obsess about what I ate, or how many steps I got.  Not once did I think, I might as well pile it in because I'd gone off plan.  I just lived life.  I made the best choices that I could.  I know it is not a good thing to skip meals, and I certainly don't plan to make that a way of life.  I'm still counting that as a victory.  There was a time in my life that my meals would have taken precedence.  Missing a meal, without thought like I did more than once never would have happened.  It was unthinkable.  Maybe, just maybe, food is taking a more normal place in my life.


  1. Take the good from that wild few days and go forward using the skills and strategies you know for healthy living. Don't skip breakfast! That's something that I've learned this time around. I do much better throughout the day if I have breakfast. Have a good week.

  2. imagine that you are LIVING the life! BRAVO there are always gonna be things out of our control. the one thing i would say is be a little more prepared snack wise, going all day without eating is NOT healthy and it will mess with your sugar/bp so why not keep sm packs of nuts, granola bar, raisins, etc etc in your bag, of course you know this. and you're like me i put everyone elses needs 1st and i suffer, so it's easy for me to tell you what to do but i am TRYING to put it into practice also! lolol

  3. I think that is just really wonderful that you did the best you could with what was going on and didn't just use it as an excuse to go all out and act crazy with food. THAT is a victory, Dear! :)

  4. Boy did I ever miss you and thought about you several times hoping all was going well. Sounds like you did just fine considering the vast array of situations with which you had to deal. I wish for you a normal week coming up after the audit!

  5. Too much going on to think about food. You've had a lot on your mind. When things settle down you'll be off and going again.