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Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Mileage

I have 294 miles!!  The beach is just the place to get in lots and lots and lots of steps while hardly even realizing it.  We traveled to the beach on Tuesday, so I didn't get a lot of steps in that day.  There isn't a lot of walking involved when on a plane and in a car.  Wednesday was our first full day at the beach.  My goal was to walk 1000 steps in one direction, 1000 steps back to my starting point, then 1000 steps the other direction and, of course 1000 steps back to my starting point.  That would be an easy 4000 steps not counting the steps to get to the water's edge and all the other walking typically done at the beach.  Each day I would increase the number of steps by 100.  So on Thursday it would be 1100 steps each way, Friday 1200 steps and Saturday 1300 steps.
The reality was, that was way too easy.  Beach walking is just the ticket for me.  I love it.  I met those goals with no problem at all.  I would walk in the morning alone while MD65 was in his conference and we'd walk again in the evenings when he was finished.  I zipped along each day and on Friday I had nearly 10,000 steps after my morning walk!!  Friday after eating supper, we took a nice long stroll.  I realized once we got back to the room that I'd done way more walking than in days past.  When I checked my pedometer, I was delighted to see that I was less than 200 steps away from 20,000.  I rushed back outside and walked laps around the pool until I reached 20,000.  I looked at the pedometer at step 20,000!  I squealed with excitement.  MD65, sitting on the balcony above me, chuckling at my antics, had to agree that was an accomplishment.  I finished the day at 20,202!  That is a record I expect to stand for some time to come.
I must confess at this point that my hamstrings had something to say about 20,000 steps in one day.  They weren't happy anytime I decided to stand up or sit down by the end of the day.  I knew I'd have to take it easy on Saturday, and I got a little help from mother nature on that one.  We woke up to pouring rain Saturday morning.  It rained all day long.  There are only so many steps one can get in a little condo on the beach.  Then to top things off, a couch was dropped on my toe.  It isn't broken.  It is a lovely shade of purple though.  I wore flip flops for the rest of the trip.  Today, I wore dress shoes with no discomfort, so I'm fine now.  It did hinder me some on Saturday however.
I'm back getting into the groove today.  It has been mighty chilly so I didn't get to walk outside at lunch.  That was fine because I had a pile of work to do from being out and recovering from the audit.  The weather is supposed to moderate and I'll get caught up soon and I'll be a walking wonder woman once again.
I did a lot of introspection on my walks, and lots of mental blogging.  I'll try to make some of those mental post reality in the next few days.


  1. I really missed you last week, but glad you had a good trip and are back safe and sound. I am so glad the steps are getting easier. I knew they would.

  2. so happy you had a good/fun week, and i will admit i missed you cause every time i see a post from you i get warm fuzzies, it really is like getting a letter from an old friend and that's always a treat! xoxoxoxo

  3. Hey Hunnie,

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