Total Weight Loss

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Game

There is a "game" 65MD and I often play at the beach.  It can be played anywhere but most often this occurs at the beach.  To play the game, I will point at a woman and say "Bigger or smaller?"   Meaning is that woman bigger or smaller than me.  We began playing this game before I ever lost any weight.  I think I recognized that I was in denial about my size and was trying to get a handle on it.  Now, I'm not really in denial, but I think I still have issues recognizing my true size.

So, on this trip I pointed to a rather large woman thinking to myself that I was smaller but not by much and asked the question.  65MD said that I was bigger.  I nodded my head sadly thinking I had a lot of work to do.  This was immediately followed by a statement something along the lines of, he wasn't going to answer that question honestly anymore if I was going to be so ridiculous about it.  Maybe it would scare me straight if he told me the opposite.  We laughed and I said I hoped that would help.

Soon, I saw a woman wearing a bikini that looked very nice in her bikini.  In my dreams I would look that good.  I pointed to her and asked the question.  He said that was a difficult call because we were so close.  Thinking we were still doing opposites, I laughed and said something about looking that good at my goal weight.  He said that he was being honest then.   He said that the only difference at all was my tummy.  Yes the bane of my existence, my dreaded belly.

I was shocked and quizzed him further.  He stuck to his story and said if my stomach was flatter, I'd look like her!  It gave me renewed energy and hope!

Another quick, and similar encouragement I got was that he told me that I needed a new bathing suit that the one I was wearing was just too big.  I didn't quite see it, but if he told me to buy one, then I must!!


  1. Ah, those husbands....gotta love em. Mine told me awhile back he was no longer going to participate in that game because I never believed what he told me anyway. And that made me sit up and take notice. So yes, when we play the game now, I do believe him!

  2. i think hubby should boycot that game! you are you and all that matters is you're the best you possible. comparing yourself to others, especially when you're being critical to yourself just isnt fun, it's a bit sabotagey (is that a word?) he loves you and want you to be happy so that game is a lose/lose for him. you are doin great and lookin great. go buy the smaller suit that fits and embrace your success, oh and we need a picture thank you very much. oh i know pics in bathing suits are SCARY, that's why you should do it, run at the fear and overcome it! end of lecture, have a glorious day sweetie! xoxoxoxoxo