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Saturday, April 28, 2012

I'm Still Here

I'm still here, folks.  It takes several days for me to get my legs back under me at work when I'm out.    Even though it seems a little far removed now, I thought I'd share some NSV's I had at the beach.  First, I need to explain my vacation mindset.  It is something along the lines of "nothing counts on vacation"  or "there are no rules on vacation."  I relish not having a set schedule since my day to day life is quite schedule driven.  I like going to bed when I feel like it an getting up when I wake up, rather than when I have to. 

In years past, that mindset bled over into the food world.  I felt like not only did the rules for healthy nutrition didn't apply, but also I should eat as much as possible while it was 'free' so to speak.  I've tamed that beast a bit over the years.  I still think it is important to allow indulgences on special occasions and in special situations.  Denial of those treats, for me, leads do a resentment of sorts, which blows up in to making even worse choices down the road.

So, the first NSV is that I really considered what indulgences I wanted and were worth it on this trip.  I had two in particular, one was resurrecting an old tradition of ours, which was to get a frozen apple pie and vanilla ice cream to have in the room one night.  When we went to the store to get healthy snacks for the week, we picked up a pie & some ice cream.  I got the smallest one of both so as to avoid leftovers.  I had a nice slice with some ice cream and enjoyed every bite.

That leads me to my next NSV.  It made me sick.  I've thought a time or two that when I've allowed myself a lot of sugar, it upsets my stomach.  This time just confirmed that idea.  I'm glad that my body is now so used to the good stuff that it rejects the bad stuff.

I still have one huge area for improvement however, and that is portion control.  We ate out a lot.  Restaurants just serve too large of portions.  65MD and I often split entrees, or I order the appetizer portion.  When it is feasible I get a to go box.  But there were times when none of those things is an option.  I have a very hard time leaving food on my plate.  Most of this stems from the idea that it is wasteful (remember those starving children in China?), not necessarily from a desire to eat beyond saitey.  Luckily, this does not happen very often.  Most of the time we eat at home, or I exercise one of my other options.  I have started by trying to leave just a bite or two on my plate just to do it.  Maybe in time, I'll be able to leave larger portions once I'm full.  I have a feeling this is like any other sort of exercise and I'll have to just work up to it.

All in all, I think it was a very successful trip eating wise.  In my next post, I'll share one more story about the trip.  A very pleasant surprise that still makes me smile when I think of it.


  1. I now experience exactly the same thing with sugar. I think it's a lesson I'm only going to have to learn once. Not worth it!

  2. there's a 3rd option sweetie ask them to half the portion in the litchen and put the rest in a box or tell the waiter to give half to someone in the kitchen........glad you had a great time and sorry ( kinda) you got sick, lol mayhaps i better rephrase that. sorry you got ill but glad your body recognizes what's good for it! xoxoxoxo

    1. I didn't make it clear in the post, but I was only sick for a few hours. It wasn't that bad.

  3. One trick I learned, that is hard for me to employ but works when I do, is to "ruin" any food on my plate that I don't want to eat. For instance, if I know I'm full I will quickly pour a ton of salt on an item that is left so that it is not edible. I've also splattered ketchup on stuff that it would be gross on, etc. It works. I feel guilty doing it sometimes, but when taking it with you is not an option and you KNOW you're full, it beats getting stuffed! I think it sounds like you did really well!

  4. Oh why oh why do we love food so much when others seem to be able to not be fussed about it. I guess they have something else to deal with while we deal with our food. I wonder sometimes if I will be ever under full control. I guess I need to be positive and tell myself I will conquer this.