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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Side Effects

I got a letter from my doctor over the weekend confirming my excellent health except for one quite surprising thing.  I am severely deficient in vitamin D.  So far as I can recall this is the first time that has been measured.  I feel like I am outside much more now that I work from home than I was when I was confined to an office all day.  I looked up the symptoms on WebMD and had none unless the mental cognition part counts!  LOL!! Makes no sense, but it is true nonetheless.

The treatment is mega doses of vitamin D.  My doctor had already sent a prescription to my pharmacy for it.  I started Sunday.  I take one every week for 10 weeks, then I get my blood checked again.  I asked the pharmacist about sun exposure and she said not to worry about it.  I lamented that I needed a beach trip, to which she readily agreed.  

Of course, I read through the literature that came with it to make sure I took it properly as in with food or without, and the like.  There was nothing like that other than a warning to stay away from magnesium.  I've got that one covered!!

Then I read the list of side effects.  One of them was decreased appetite.  I immediately began wondering just how much weight I could lose during this 10 weeks.  Perhaps, I would actually make my pound a week goal.  Or maybe with a little more effort two pounds per week.  After all, opportunities like this don't come along every day.

I kept reading and saw that irritability was another side effect.  Of course, I pointed this one out to 65MD right away and began building my case for free reign for the next 10 weeks.  We had a good laugh and now I am back to reality.  So far, I've not noticed anything different.  If my appetite does decrease, I'll be very thankful and use it to my advantage.  If not, which I believe is the greater chance, I'll keep practicing moderation and enjoying life only now with stronger bones.


  1. What an odd result. I hope it comes up quickly for you! Have fun being skinny and irritable! Lol

  2. glad you caught it and hopefully it'll be event free with NO hissy fits! lolol

  3. Good thing your doc did this test. As I understand it, a lower inflammatory diet will help with absorbing more vitamin D as your gut heals. Think fewer high omega 6 oils (canola, fried foods, standard american diet) and more avocados, olive oil, salmon, etc.

    Let us know how you feel. So happy you are going to get your levels up.

  4. Interesting!! Glad they caught it, though. I always wonder how docs catch these things because mine never seem to check for them.

  5. My doctor did this test last year and found I was deficient as well. You're going to be amazed how much better you feel once the level gets to the normal range.

  6. My doctor ordered this test last year and I was also deficient. You'll be amazed how much better you feel once your level is up to the normal range.

  7. Just found your blog and read this post. Low Vit. D levels are one of the symptoms of Celiac Disease. I don't know if you have that, but it's worth mentioning. ~ Jo