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Monday, August 26, 2013

Fabulous Birthday

I had a wonderful weekend with family and friends celebrating me.  Who wouldn't love that???

I worked my plan at each gathering as I planned almost 100%.  I adapted a couple of times and I feel good about the choices I made.  Even though, I made a substitution here & there, I did not eat more than planned.  I even left part of a dessert that wasn't doing much for me.  I never thought I could do something like that.  Leaving a vegetable that isn't the best?  Sure!  No problem there.  But leaving a cookie?  I don't think so.  Somehow, someway, I managed not to eat all of it.  

To be totally honest, I ate more than I should have after I realized I really wasn't wild about it.  It was definitely a "don't be wasteful" attitude, not an "I can't stop" attitude.  I offered it to 65MD who didn't want it so I finally covered it with a napkin, so it wouldn't taunt me with my wastefulness.  Whatever works, right???

To be clear, I had three celebrations in three days, and I gained back all of the weight I'd struggled to lose, even though I was diligent about my choices.  I kept things very low carb with only one treat per party.  I happened to mention this weight gain to a nurse friend who insisted that was not possible.  She went so far as to say that my scales were broken.  I never considered that.  I think it is water and with a few days of closely following my meal replacement plan, I'll register a loss.

I'd rather not have gained the weight back, however, I am content with the choices I made.  It was a special birthday and I think I would have felt deprived if I had been too strict with myself.  Losing weight is a long term goal and life continues to happen.  I'm going to make the best decisions I can with the choices I have in front of me.  

BTW, I got a Leslie Sansone Walk from Home video.  I'll be adding that to my workout routine.  Thanks Staci for the suggestion.  I also got Richard Simmons Sweatin' to the Oldies.  Even though it was a gag gift, I'll gladly give it a whirl too.


  1. Happy Birthday!! And many more!

    One thing I did to combat the "I should eat this because throwing it away is wasteful" was to think of it in terms of medical bills.

    I should eat this left over cookie so it doesn't go in the trash.... oh wait, this cookie will raise my blood sugar and keep my hemoglobin A1C high. That will mean a LOT of $25 co-pays to my doctor for blood work, finger poking for glucose- that's wasteful financially. And, I'll waste my vacation time for work by spending it at the doctor!

    Try re-framing the food wasting rules in your mind. Left over veggies and meat can be made into a soup or stew and frozen. Left over cookies (brought in from my daughter) get placed in the trash. Food either makes me well or makes me sick.

    Good luck and enjoy your walking. Walking is one of my best tools for keeping my mind sorted out. Karen P

    1. Karen,
      Thank you for those suggestions. That will certainly help me reframe that wastefulness concern.

  2. so glad you had a great birthday celebration. I actually have all 5 of the sweatin to the oldies and I love the joy in them.

  3. All right! Walk away those pounds! LOL Hope you enjoy the video. Which one did you get? I have 5 or 6 of them. I have some I love and some that are just okay. Anyway, glad you had such fun bday celebrations with friends and family! Now you are back at it, and you will see results. Great job!

    1. Staci,
      I got Walk Slim Fast & Firm. I hope it is one that you love. Of course, since I have only one I won't know the difference.

    2. True! I actually don't have that one at all! I have:
      5 Day slim Down (a fave)
      START! Walking at Home (a fave)
      Walk Slim 4 Fast Miles
      5 Mile Fat Burning Walk (intense)
      Burn Body Fat & Sculpt Your Arms
      Walk Away the Pounds miles 1,2,& 3
      Walk Away the Pounds 5-day Fit Walk

      The 3 that I said something about in parenthesis are my most-used ones. Well... used to! LOL I would def recommend those 3. Don't forget you can usually find some free of her on youtube, too - or at try it section. I love her, but I find that I have to change her videos up or I get annoyed with her. LOL

  4. I love Leslie Sansone and the WATP. It's great.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I'm already starting to worry about my own birthday coming up and how I will handle it.

  5. Happy happy birthday!

    Just a minor set back. Just get right back to it. You've got this!!!

    Also just want to thank you for all of your support! I really appreciate you and value your comments!!!

    Take good care of yourself today!!

    Keep focused!!!!

  6. Just catching up.. wishing you a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!