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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fifty Day Report #1

I did fine yesterday and so far so good today.  I am having my second protein 'drink' right now because I am going to eat my evening meal tonight.  I put drink in quotes because I blended the powder with ice, and it is like chocolate sherbet.  YUM!  It is a gorgeous day here so an ice cream like treat is just the thing.

Why is it, however, that once I made the commitment yesterday to have two protein drinks per day, exercise 3 times per week, and report weekly, that the little bratty voice came to life?  I felt like I was rocking right along, although I was making no progress to speak of, my little voice said things to me about how I really should exercise, and the like.  Once I made the mental and written assent to recommit in this time of turmoil, the little voice started telling me that two protein drinks per day weren't nearly enough, that I'd probably starve before Thanksgiving and how in the world was I planning to exercise three whole days per week.  She brought to mind foods I hadn't thought of in weeks.  At the grocery store today she pointed out all the things that are only available this time of year, and maybe I should get them while I could.  She doesn't believe that I'll lose any weight before the end of the year anyway.  I triumphed over the little brat, and told her that I was reporting all of this on my blog.  She tried to talk me out of that, but once again I prevailed over her.  I will continue to until she goes away again.

Right after yesterday's post, I discovered that Mertle had tagged me in a little game.  I am supposed to answer 4 questions and tag 4 bloggers.  I felt so special to be asked, and it is only 4 questions, so I thought I could spare the time.
1.  What is your mantra/motivational words/favorite quote?
I don't really have one overarching quote or mantra.  Perhaps that is part of my problem.  One of my favorite movie quotes is from A League of Their Own, when Tom Hanks tells Gina Davis There's no crying in baseball!"  Seriously though, the thing that popped in my mind first was Philipians 4:13 - "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."
2.  What was your favorite book as a child?
I loved the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books.  It was a whole series about an eccentric lady that knew children far better than their parents. 
3.  What is your favorite recipe?  Cookbook?
I have a favorite recipe for different categories of food - mostly dessert.  I have a cookbook from the phone company that I turn to over & over because it has every kind of recipe anyone could ever want.  I have several recipes from my grandmother, which I treasure.  One is for the best dill pickles ever in the whole wide world!
4.  What do you want for Christmas?
I don't have a list of material things that I want.  Odd, I know.  I want to stop working, but I don't think Santa will bring that.  I know that I will get a treasure trove of fond memories of my family.  We spend the week between Christmas & the new year together, rotating from house to house while my out of town sister is here with her family.  We have a blast!
I am tagging SharonGeorgiaLisa and Eve.
Your questions are:
1.  How do you silence that bratty little voice?
2.  What is your favorite exercise/work out?
3.  What is your Thanksgiving indulgence, if any?
4.  What is your favorite holiday memory?

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