Total Weight Loss

Monday, November 15, 2010

Just Add Water

I need to add drinking 64 oz of water, minimum, to my 50 day goals. During the week drinking water is just about as natural as breathing. I take water with me to work because the water at the office is not filtered and has an under taste to me. That makes it very easy for me to keep up with how much I've had each day, although it is a rare day that I don't drink all 64 oz while I'm at the office.

On the weekends, I'm a sipper. I carry a glass around with me as I go about my day, but I've not been careful to keep up with the amount of water I drink. Most of the time it isn't an issue. I go about my day sipping water and think nothing of it.

Saturday, however, I didn't get a full glass (12 oz) down. It wasn't an unusual day. I had my typical errands to run and really did not even register that my water intake was down. The harsh reality of not drinking came to me yesterday morning, when the scale was up a whooping 1.4 lbs!!

I was stunned to say the least and it took me a while of really concentrating on exactly what I'd eaten on Saturday before I realized that it had to be the water. Even though the little voice tortured me all day Saturday and yesterday, I stayed true to my plan. I began to question my sanity and wonder if I was eating in some sort of blacked out state, when I remembered emptying my water glass at the end of the day to put it in the dishwasher. After I had considered it some more, I don't ever remember refilling the glass during the day.  So, I'm fairly certain I only had a partial glass of water on Saturday.

Yesterday, I was more aware of my water intake, but still only got about half in and my weight stayed the same. I get too easily distracted. So beginning this weekend, I am going to fill my water bottles on Saturday & Sunday mornings just like I do Monday through Friday and commit to drinking it just like during the week.

I'm still on board with drinking the protein drinks, and blogging. I have yet to exercise this week, but it is just Monday, so I'll get it done. I'm drinking plenty of water now, and judging by the number of trips to the bathroom today, that 1.4 lbs will mostly be gone in the morning.


  1. While I am a firm believer weight loss is best achieved through a balance of healthy eating and exercise; it is the eating that does have the most influence on teh scale. You can not exercise and havd no harm done on the scale. But we cannot eat poorly and expect the same generally. It doesn't sound like you've had any issues with poor eating, so the water may be that key component you need to adjust. For me, it is just better snack discipline for the most part.

    Grabbing my water bottle now, enjoy your water :-)

  2. Yes, the water works wonderful. I am so thankful that water has always been my drink of choice. It's about the only part of this weight loss thing that has been easy for me.

    Hope work is going well and not driving you nuts!

  3. Patrick - I agree. I've had similar experiences myself. I think that is one reason I let myself off the hook so much with exercise.

    Sharon - Work is smoothing out some, or at least I'm getting used to it.