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Monday, November 22, 2010

Two Candybars in My Purse

On Thursday of last week, our receptionist here had some candy she was selling for her grandson. It was some sort of fund raiser for school/sports team/something like that.  I'm a real sucker for that because it was hard for me to sell stuff for school when I was a child. I was so shy and scared of people I would start crying when I tried to speak. So if a child, or their parent/grandparent has the courage to come ask me to buy I do. These were just a dollar, so I got two. BTW, they were a dollar when I was in school too, but I think they were a lot bigger!

Anyway, I dropped the candy in my purse. I emailed J-boy to tell him that I'd purchased them for him. One - because I had, and Two - I couldn't sneak and eat them if he knew.  Just now, had to dig something out of the bottom of my purse and found those two candy bars sitting there!! I'd totally forgotten about them, as apparently did J-boy.

I absolutely cannot imagine forgetting about two whole candy bars for three whole days! In times past those candy bars would have been calling to me. I would have convinced myself more than once that it would be OK to have a little nibble here & there before I'd even gotten home on Thursday, In fact, I probably would never have even told J-boy about them. I would have squirreled them away in my desk at work.

That is a victory for me for sure!!


  1. Yay! You! I love sharing small victories, but this is a big one as far as I am concerned.

  2. I've had a couple of victories last that over the past couple of weeks and they are just huge. The sense of freedom when you discover what you've done is priceless, isn't it? Great, great job with the candy bars. Like you, in the past I never would've mentioned them to start with! Good job, Lori!

  3. yeah you! This is BIG! I can't imagine forgetting about them either.