Total Weight Loss

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Still Here

I'm still here and still fighting. I haven't had much to say lately. Even I've been a little bored with the minutea of the whole thing - drink a protein drink, lose weight/drink a protein drink, gain weight/drink a protein drink, lose weight yet again. Get the picture?

I'm still not as focused as I was this summer, and that is part of the problem. Work has been absolutely nuts lately and it isn't going to get better any time soon. On the one hand that makes the eating part easier. I'm too tired to cheat. On the other hand, I have no time for work outs. I do the baby things like take the long way places, walk instead of call, etc. But that won't yield the results of a heart pounding, sweat pouring work out.

Here's how tired I am. The other night I was laying on the couch getting some well deserved, hard earned relaxation when thoughts of sugar plums danced in my head. Lately, I've been entertaining those thoughts rather than banishing them because I've learned that the thoughts are way better than reality. Sort of like how the food on the TV commercials never looks that good in real life. I can't even remember now, what it was that came to mind, but whatever it was, I had the ingredients in the kitchen. I could have actually prepared it, but then I realized nothing I could eat would be worth all the trouble of getting up to go get it, much less prepare it. I actually started laughing about that. I never, ever, ever thought I'd be too tired to eat. There may actually be something to this working like crazy!
Don't worry.  I'm not quitting, not by a long shot.


  1. I haven't spent as much time in BlogLand this week as I usually do, but had noticed your absence. Also, figured I knew why! I am quietly confident that we will both find our mojo again well before the holidays set in. I just wish I'd find mine NOW!

  2. I can't tell you how many times I have passed on maing something to eat because I am to tired to get up... lol Btw, thank you soooo much for all the support you give me. You always make me feel cared about and it makes a REAL difference in my life.

  3. Friend!!!

    Been right where you are...the solution for me was focus!! I turned things around when I put myself first. My job is just a job. I go there because I need money. My body is what I live in. It's what's most important!!! When I put myself first, then my body will get me through what I have to do out there! I get up at 5:00 in the morning so I can exercise. When I sweat my butt off, it gives me energy to get through my stressful days.

    You can do this. Get fired up again!! Girl lets finish this year with a bang!!!

    Keep focused!!