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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Update

I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving season enjoying time with friends and family and staying healthy.  I feel good about my week so far.

On Wednesday I took the day off to cook.  I really enjoy cooking and have not really cooked in a long time.  Right now, to stay on track I keep my meals as simple and quick as possible so as to keep myself out of the kitchen.  So, on Wednesday I cooked as if I were cooking for an army and enjoyed every minute of it.

On Thursday, J-boy and I ate with my family.  There were only 8 of us this year, but no less food than in year's past when there were easily 3 times that many.  I got very small servings of the foods I really wanted, and didn't eat all of anything.  My two nephews that were there and never had a weight problem almost always leave some food on their plates, so I took my cues from them.  I also ate dessert.

Yesterday, Friday, I fasted.  I needed the mental cleansing of a fast.  Today I'm back on the protein drinks.

For my 50 day goals, I'm saying I met all of them.
1. Drink two protein drinks per day.  Although, I didn't do this yesterday, I'm still saying I met this challenge, since the challenge is focused on not overeating.
2.  Exercise at least 3 days per week.  On Wednesday, I even walked to the grocery store.  It was a good idea since the parking lot was horrible.  I thought it was a little more than 0.5 miles each way or a little over a mile round trip.  I was wrong it is 0.9 miles each way, so almost two miles round trip.
3.  Lose some amount of weight.  I'm still down a pound even after dessert on Thursday.
4.  Fill water bottles - check.  I am so glad I thought of that.  I've done it every off day from work, and I've drunk all of the water every day!!  Go me!!

I have the rest of today and tomorrow to enjoy and then it is back to reality on Monday.   I'm looking forward to having a good loss next week and finishing out the year strong.  J-boy and I have had the calendar out and marked out our parties.  So far, they aren't too stacked up and my using the party for a 'meal' strategy should work out fine, since right now we only have two parties and they are actual meals rather than party food.

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