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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just Sayin'

Yesterday, I took some clothes to my favorite consignment store and was able to pre-shop.  I got some very nice pieces to add to my wardrobe, which is great.  Some of these clothes I expect I'll still be wearing at my goal weight. 

The reason I mention this however, is that I bought clothes in sizes ranging from 10 to 16!  Since I have made it a bit of a theme of this blog to rant and rave about women's clothes sizes, I couldn't pass this up! 

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  1. Arrrgh! Sizes is one of my bugbears too. I live in the UK and currently possess clothes ranging from an 8 to a 14, all of which fit.

    Even different styles of jeans from the same store can differ - why, huh?

    Glad it isn't just me this drives to distraction, Lori :-)