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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Trap

I'm still having a great time with the family.  We've had a lot of fun with the kickball (Thanks Timothy!) even though we really never played an actual game other than the two on two attempt I mentioned earlier.

Several of us would go outside with the kickball and do something though.  We'd start with kicking practice.  Each person got give kicks.  We rotated kicker, roller and fielders each time.  Chasing down a wayward kickball is good exercise for sure!  Eventually, it would evolve in to something else maybe including the Frisbee or something else at hand to add to the fun.

Yesterday, after a long day of playing in and out of the house, my 13 year old nephew and I were outside playing another game with the kickball.  It was similar to pitch & catch, only we were kicking and catching.  I was beginning to get tired.  He kicked the ball to me and I stopped it with my foot rather than reaching for it with my hands, and kicking it back.  Bending was more than I wanted to do.  ;-P About the time I began to mentally scold myself being lazy, my nephew exclaimed with some degree of admiration in his voice "Nice trap!"  I had no idea what he meant.  In fact, I wasn't quite sure I'd heard him correctly.  I asked what he said and he explained that I had executed an impressive soccer move.  Go figure.

Once again the girl that quit PE in the 5th grade prevails!!


  1. lolol see you ROCK ! and you don't even know it................hmmmmmmmmmmm would that be the bliss of ignorance? LMAO so glad you're having fun. LOVE to hear you happy, WOOT!

  2. Did you ever think you'd get to do this again? I mean playing outside? Isn't it great! Way to impress your nephew!!

    Keep up the great work my Friend and stay focused!