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Friday, August 12, 2011

Not So Good

Wednesday, Thursday and today, I woke up with great determination to do well.  I had the desire to make the best decisions possible about what to eat and drink.  As I mentioned before, I took my food with me and even organized some outdoor activities to burn a few calories.

Thursday morning and this morning I was rewarded with small gains each morning.  I wasn't happy, but tried to shrug it off.  If grit and determination showed up on the scales I'd be anorexic.  Honestly, I had the best of intentions both days.  Until today, the M&M's had been my worst 'offense' eating-wise.

Then today happened.  Too much to get into in such a short space.   Briefly, my family lost a friend from childhood to complications of diabetes.  She'd had it and and battled it since childhood.  It made me want to hold on to my dear family so much more, but my two older nephews are 'leaving the nest' so to speak.  I am so incredibly proud of them and their achievements.  I would never ever dream of holding them back, but it saddens me to know they won't be right across town anymore.

I've known for some time that I am an emotional eater.  So, that coupled with the frustrations of gains (less than a pound in two days), put me over the edge.  I grazed all day.  Sausage balls, pretzels, mixed nuts, and M&M's were in my hands all morning.  I finally got control of myself and took one of my nephews out for a bit.  It calmed me and we had a pleasant outing.  I managed the rest of the day to eat well.  I know that I'll have a real whopping gain in the morning.  What else should I expect.  I did the crime, now I do the time.

Tomorrow is another day...


  1. darlin, lock that scale away! once at week is the max you need to weigh yourself. pick a day and time and do it every week. our bodies fluctuate way too much otherwise. i'm sorry for your loss and i understand the emotional aspect of it, just remember YOU deserve the best, and your friend would want that for you too! take care xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. So sorry for your loss. Hugs. I've had some eating issues myself here, maybe emotional as we gear up for my son's departure, but more likely just from having food around that I don't normally have around. So, you and I can turn it around right now!

  3. Aw Friend, that is so frustrating. I have so been there. I want to do the right thing, but end up doing something else. I don't know why this happens. Well I guess for me, I just want to go my own way.....I frustrate myself!

    Today is a new day, lets make the best of it. Lets make good food decisions, stay on our calorie budget, drink water and get in our exercise. I'm with you on this!!!!!! WE CAN DO THIS!

    Stay focused!

  4. You did really well in the face of a very sad situation. You recognized what you were doing it and why. Consider times in the past when you didn't even think about it, and be proud of how you've managed to become aware and change. Just keep moving forward and take it easy on yourself.

  5. I am so sorry for you loss! :'( I think it's perfectly okay to let yourself loose in situations like that, as long as you rein yourself in afterwards, and you did just that. The damage will not be THAT great, and hopefully you did get some comfort from it. And when you're feeling better, you can work on finding other ways to comfort yourself. But right now you really just need to take care of yourself!