Total Weight Loss

Saturday, May 26, 2012


We are back from a few days on the high seas.  It was not what we expected in that it rained virtually the whole time we were on the ship.  We managed to have a good time and relax so that is all that matters.

It has been a while since we sailed and we were on a new cruise line, so I don't know if the food selection was due to changes overall in the industry or this particular cruise line, regardless, I was pleased.  The dining room had a separate menu for healthy options.  There was whole fruit available 24/7.  And a great salad bar open most of the time as well.

I made good choices most of the time.  I had a few indulgences like ordering two desserts one night because I wanted key lime pie and warm chocolate cake, and I did not feel like sharing.  I also made it a practice not to eat everything on my plate.  As silly as that sounds, this is hard one for me.  Leaving food behind is against my frugal nature.  Knowing that any amount of food is around anytime made it a little easier for me to leave a bite or two behind each meal.  Some meals I left more.  I am hoping this practice will help going forward, allowing me the freedom to stop eating when I'm full even if food is left.  Only time will tell on that.

I felt like I did well since most of the time, I was feeling hungry when it was time to eat again.  I did not walk around feeling stuffed and uncomfortable.  That was great progress.

There was only one time that I really had no good options.  65MD and I had wandered away from the tourist area near the ship in Nassau.  We like to do that.  We like to get a bit more of the local flavor of the places we visit.  It was in between rain showers, so it was quite steamy out.  The kind of heat where the humidity can be felt.  We were quite thirsty and were looking for a little market to get a canned or bottled drink.  We did not want a fountain drink or ice.  I came home from one trip with E-coli so we were not taking any chances.

We came upon a small place where the proprietor greeted us warmly in Spanish.  He shook 65MD's hand like they were long lost friends.  For a moment, I really thought he was a friend from long ago.  We asked if we could get a drink there and rest for a bit and he said "No."  So, we asked if he knew of a place where we could get a drink and sit for a while.  Again he answered "No."  He was still smiling and acted as though he was eager to please, when I realized he was trying to tell us he did not understand English.  65MD and I know a few Spanish phrases, and when the man greeted 65MD so enthusiastically asking how he was, the fact that he was so friendly registered but not the fact that the two of them were both speaking Spanish.  I asked in Spanish if he spoke English.  His face lit up with the realization that we understood his language.  We quickly explained that our knowledge of Spanish was very limited.  65MD thought he was saying 'drink' in Spanish and gesturing as though he was taking a drink.  The man looked a little puzzled and then 65MD said "Coca-Cola."  Again the man's face lit up with understanding.  He rushed in to his little market and came out with two red cans that were ice cold.

I was so happy that we had communicated that well and so glad to see that nice cold can, I gladly took it.  I wasn't about to try and figure out the Spanish word for diet but I did know the word "gracias!" We paid for the drinks and I enjoyed every drop.  I know I wasn't dehydrated in the desert or anything that dire, but I felt no guilt at all for drinking it. It didn't send me on a downward spiral looking for cookies or anything else like that.  It was a nice flavorful way to quench my thirst, without getting anything that might require hospitalization later on!!!

My weight was up when I got home.  It wasn't unexpected.  The two desserts and the real Coke certainly added to the extra calories.  I think though that my biggest problem was not enough water.  I've gotten right back to that and expect the weight to come back down.

I learned that ship walking is almost as good as beach walking when it isn't raining.  I'll report on that on Monday.


  1. The last time we cruised was a long time ago, but we joined the at-sea fitness program as soon as embarked and earned "points" for all sorts of things. Points earned prizes at the end of the cruise and we both earned some good stuff. It was great incentive for us to exercise and we had a great tiem. I totally agree about ship walking. We did a lot of it! Glad you had a good time and are back safe.

  2. all that matters is you had a good time, a "bump" on the scale will drop off rapidly but that realization that you dont have to fimish your plate for the starving kids in ____________________ is worth it!

  3. What a funny Coke story. I was just explaining to my daughter today that most name brand items are said the same in any language. LOL I know rojo, but I don't know the word for silver can or diet in Spanish either. What a hoot! I would've drank it, too. Yes, water will send the #'s right back down. Sorry about the rain, but I'm glad you were able to enjoy yourselves despite it.

  4. Welcome back! It sounds like you did really well on your cruise. I've been in similar situations to yours with the coca cola, one coke is not going to do you in. I've stopped wearing my pedometer, but am getting about 45 miles/week just counting my running and biking, so I have no doubt I'll pass 1000 well before year's end. I've kept track of the biking, running milage since the beginning of April with Daily MIle which is on my sidebar.