Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


After blogging yesterday, I reactivated my sparkpeople account.  It is a free on-line food tracker.  I'm hoping that will do the trick for me.  I just felt like Weight Watchers would be a waste of money in my frame of mind.  Sparkpeople will give meal plans or simply track what is eaten.  For now, I'll track and see where I need to tweak.  If I don't see results either physically or mentally soon, I'll try the meal plan approach. Let's hope for the best.

Now for the promised trip story about 65MD.  65MD is not fat.  He's one of those frustrating individuals that can eat just about anything he wants in any amount he wants without gaining weight.  He weighs a little more than he should, but I don't think he's in the overweight category.  Keep that in mind, when reading this.

We flew in to Orlando for our cruise.  The ship was docked at Port Canaveral, so a shuttle service met us at the airport for the drive to the port.  We were met by a fireball of a lady.  She was tall and very, very thin.  She zipped around like she was electrified.  High energy doesn't not begin to describe this lady.  She jumped out of the van and snatched our luggage away from us like it was nothing.  She was also chatting away the whole time.

She began to tell us about visiting the beach the day before.  Apparently, there were quite a few very large women on the beach in very small bikinis.  She was expressing concern that the women dress with more modesty.  In trying to give us an idea about the size of the women she said they were larger than 65MD.

We sat there in stunned silence.  One, because I used to be one of those very large women on the beach, although not in a bikini. My heart aches for them, but at the same time, I applaud them for being confident enough in themselves to wear what makes them feel good. 

And, two, bigger than my husband???  Really???  And to say that in front of him?

Worst of all, I don't think she noticed that we didn't respond.  She just zipped right on to the next topic on her mind.

I'd like to hear my readers thoughts on this.  What would have been an appropriate response?  I'm still scratching my head in wonder over it.


  1. LOL. I would've said "Wow, that's some big women" because I'm the sarcastic type. ROFL In my opinion, it would've been a good conversation piece for me and hubby but nothing to let bother me enough to give it a response. Maybe she was high on meth?? lol

  2. she probably didnt mean anything by it, she was merely illustrating a point and like it or not what's considered normal/average for men is large for a women. we simply have bigger frames for the most part.

  3. I always find this awkward, because I do agree that people (me) need to lose weight, but I know that it's not a simple solution like many skinny people think - and I for one am proud of anything who thinks HEALTH (eating well despite what the scale says) is much better than SKINNY and eating whatever and staying skinny. I usually say something that even skinny people have clogged arteries and the outside of a person doesn't often show the important stuff - like what's on the inside, but from what you say, she probably hops from one topic to another without listening and really wouldn't hear anything logical anyway. I am proud of people who go to the beach even though they don't have "beach bodies" - at least they're moving! I have heard many derogatory comments about a large person riding a bike and I often say "would you rather see them sitting on a porch eating cake?" -- that usually shuts them up! :)