Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Meetings are the bane of my existence right now.  How is it that sitting is so tiring and draining?
This was my day today.  I left the house at my typical time, but instead of going to work I went to my mother's house. I took her to the next county, about an hour away, to probate my aunt's will.  That took about an hour, and then another hour home.  I got to work and was immediately whisked into an interview.  I was in the interview until 3:00.
So, effectively, I sat on my behind from nearly 8:00 am until after 3:00 except for brief trips between the car & door or restroom.  It isn't very helpful in walking 2.7 miles per day, now is it????

I managed to get in a nice walk after work.  I carried weights and did a mini upper arm workout as well. 

Tomorrow is another day, and I don't have any meetings scheduled.


  1. Well all have days like that. Maybe not days of sitting, driving, and meetings, but days where nothing we did seemed to help us towards our goals! Yes, tomorrow is another day. You will rock it!

  2. Days like that tend to mess EVERYTHING up for me (if you get my drift!!). Nothing functions regularly (cough, cough) after a full day of sitting. I don't have days of meetings so much anymore (but I remember those days well!), but driving all day does much the same thing!

  3. meetings are sooooooooo boring, just jot me a memo with the hi-lights and i'll do what actually needs to be done, NOT what you cluelessly assume needs to be overdone in the most convaluted manner possible. lmao