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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lunchtime Walks

Yesterday I decided to walk to a nearby sandwich & salad shop for lunch.  My intention was to walk there, get a salad and walk back.  The shop is 0.8 miles from our office building per Google maps.  I thought that would be a nice little diversion from walking laps in the parking lot at lunch time.  The only obstacle is that there a major, major intersection between the office and the restaurant.  Every person to whom I mentioned my idea was concerned about me crossing the street.  (Even 65MD after the fact last night, when I told him!)  This intersection always makes the list of "Most Dangerous" when the city officials decide to publish that info.

One of my coworkers wanted a salad but didn't want to walk.  I offered to get it for her, but between that and the evil intersection, we worked out a compromise.  I walked to the restaurant and she drove.  We placed our orders to go and she drove us both back to the office.  There were no near misses or drama of any type.  It was actually a pleasant little walk.

On Wednesdays another eating establishment nearby has their weekly special.  I announced early this morning my intention to walk over there and get lunch.  This place is only 0.3 miles per Google maps and two of my coworkers were up for the walk as well.  We walked over there, ate, and walked back.   We meandered around the long way through the parking lot so that we got in a few extra steps.  It was a little warmer today but still nice.

As we entered the building, upon returning from lunch, one of them said she was going to bring her walking shoes tomorrow.  It looks like, once again, I've started something.


  1. I'm trying to picture in my mind exactly where I think that awful intersection could be! Actually, several places come to mind!! LOL! Keep walking girl- you're making lots of progress!

    1. Sharon,
      It is Harding & Trousdale.

  2. of course you did, dont you know you're a LEADER. oh yes you ARE! you're a shining beacon of positivity that people want to be around you, and that's a beautiful thing! xoxoxoxo